How does it work?

Free gold for world of tanks

World of Tanks is a free to play, 3 D combat strategy game developed and published by Wargaming studios. Wot was first released to audiences in 2010 as a Pc only game. Since then, the game has become available to a vast audience around the world on a variety of gaming equipment. Even though the game is open for free download, wot offers a premium account for a purchase that has a multitude of features that allow for a diverse gaming experience.


The players take over a war vehicle of their choice and are placed at random on the battle arena where they can either pick a fight with another player or become a part of a team and take part in the clan wars. The vehicles are customizable and can be upgraded and updated as the players improve the game. Players can take part in missions and challenges to gain points and wot gold.


Gold is an in-game currency that grants the player access to some special features and can be either bought or earned for free. To attain free gold for world of tanks, the player can go some ways. The easiest way to get one's hands on a small amount of gold is to change one's password. The players can also take part in missions that reward gold or activate the gold code when it becomes available during gameplay. Free gold for world of tanks can also be earned by winning prizes that one already has in their account. The worth of the prize is then transferred into wot gold.

The players can then access premium accounts, special equipment and purchase extra game points with the help of the gold.


Another way that players can access and play World of Tanks is by using the Bananatic website. It’s another free site where users earn bananas by winning at games and or by completing quests inside these games. Later, these well-earned bananas can be turned into gold or other prizes like games skins, store vouchers and even real currency.


Therefore, a successful player of World of Tanks can earn free gold inside the World of Tanks game, but also bananas which can be exchanged for even more wot gold, or real and valuable prizes on the Bananatic site.