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How to get free riot points

League of Legends is a PC based MOBA released for gameplay on Windows and MacOS. The game was published and developed by Riot games and made available to audiences in 2009. Played in a third-person perspective, LOL is a 3D online Multiplayer fantasy combat game that allows multiple modes of gameplay.


Set in a fantasy world, the game allows players to take on the role of summoners who then control champions within the game to fight their battles for them. The champions participate in various challenges and missions offered by the game and fight other players as well as NPCs to attain victory.


Players assume their roles to fight against teams of other players, or during daily missions and challenges against NPCs. Within the game, players have the opportunity to earn rp or riot points. Rp are one of the two in-game currency systems and can be either earned during gameplay or bought using real life money. Once the player has the desired amount of Rp, they can spend their collection on customization, boots and new champions. Rps can be earned during battles and missions, or bought either at megastores or online using Credit cards.


Along with points, players are also offered the chance to earn riot points during game play; Riot Points are the in-game currency that allows the players the possibility of in-app purchases.  Players can earn free rp by taking part in the battle against Ai characters known as minions, battling other players and teams, killing enemies, destroying enemy bases as well as taking part in various missions made available in the game. These free rp can then be used to add diversity to the gaming experience and gain access to locked features such as new characters, custom games and customization packages.


Players of League of Legends can also earn bananas, the site currency of the Bananatic gaming portal. Once stages or levels have been completed in LOL, a player can also take a screenshot and prove their progression or ‘quest’ has been passed. This will in turn earn them the bananas which can be exchanged for RP or on Bananatic for real prizes, vouchers, game codes and real world currency.  



You can earn free riot points by playing games with Bananatic.



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