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Free war games

Free war games

For those gamers that crave information and historical accuracy while experiencing the thrill and excitement of gaming, war games are the correct genre. These games involve strategic military decision-making as well as battle planning while setting within historical and fantasy war settings. So, for all the technical history buffs, these games are a haven within the gaming world.

While strategy games focus mainly on decision-making and quick planning, war games learn more on the technical side. Players have to tap into their tactical sides and take charge of whole armies and platoons to take them to battle. While these games mostly focus on fighting and engaging in battle, there are some settings that allow players to plan their battles and decide which fights to pick, which reduces play time and leads players to a well-designed, efficient victory.

War games are small games, so can be easily found online by those in search of them.  Players can choose from a large genre, filled with a range of various battle arenas and maps available for free play.

For those with easy access to the internet and ample free time, free war games can be found on almost any good gaming website such as Bananatic. Most of these websites offer free war games and require no information or payment before allowing gameplay.  From World of Tanks, World of Warships to Sparta:War of Empire, all you need to do is play.