How does it work?

How to get free RP

League of Legends is a PC based MOBA developed and released by Riot games. The game was released to general audiences in 2009 and is available for gameplay on Windows and MacOS. The game is available in 3D and is a fantasy combat game that allows players to play in multiple player modes.

The game setting is simple: players assume the role of the summoner and take control of characters, also known as champions, to defeat other players and enemies, as well as gain rp. Riot points are the currency used within the league of legends game and can be used to maximise customization and gameplay.

One of the greatest dilemmas a player faces during the game is how to get free rp. Players can earn free rp by taking part in the battle against AI characters known as minions, battling other players and teams, and destroying enemies, as well as taking part in various missions made available in the game. The more a player partakes in the game, the more rp they can gain and the faster they can solve the problem of how to get free rp. Another way to earn points is to obtain cheat codes to get free rp.

Once the player has the required number of points, they can trade them in to advance their gameplay and diversify the gaming experience.  Access to locked features, such as new characters, weapons and gaming packages can also be gained via use of rp.