How does it work?

LoL RP free

League of Legends is an interactive 3D multiplayer battle arena game, developed and published by Riot Games. The game was made available to audiences in 2009 and is available for game play on Windows and MacOS.

The game is set in a fantasy world, with players taking on the roles of Summoner’s who control characters within the game known as champions. The champions then move their way through the game, fighting battles and collecting riot points. These champions are customisable and can be totally transformed into a unique character as per the player’s choice.

To collect lol rp for free, the player can undergo a series of tasks. They can kill enemies; destroy buildings, complete missions and battle with NPCs and monsters. In case the player is unable to earn enough rp on their own, they can always purchase some online or at local gaming stores. While purchasing rp cards, players have ample opportunity to attain lol rp for free. If cards are bought in bundles, websites and stores add bonus cards and points to the player’s tabs. Certain websites and online payment methods grant more rp as compared to others. Bananatic uses interactive bananas that can be garnered from the completion of different quests and activities within any of the games featured on their site. With enough bananas stowed away in the user’s account they can get them changed into RP for more effective League of Legends gameplay.

Once the player has obtained the rp, free or otherwise, they can use them to purchase features and packages that will enhance the gaming experience.