How does it work?

World of tanks gold free

World of Tanks is a 3D MMOG that allows players to take on an alternate identity. The game was published in 2010 by Wargaming and is free to download. There exists a premium option for those who wish to gain extra facilities which can be bought by the player. Wot is now available for free game play on Pcs and consoles both.


The game allows players control over war vehicles set in the early 20th century. The players can choose their vehicles and customise them according to them to their choices and then take part in the battle on various arenas against other players. The game offers a variety of challenges and war modes that allow the players to gain game points and the world of tanks gold free.


To gain gold, the player either plays for it or buys it at the gaming store. To gain world of tanks gold for free, the player can take part in challenges and tournaments and can activate the gold code whenever it becomes available. Players can also win missions and if they already possess the prize, be refunded with the worth of the prize in gold. Players can also gain free gold in clans as spoils of war or as a gift from the clan leader.


With access to the gold, the player can then attain premium features, new equipment, locked vehicles and purchase game points.


WoT gold rewards players making quality use of the game with a way to broaden their experience further, just as Bananatic helps this process for multiple games with their free site currency, bananas. With enough game challenges completed and enough bananas rewarded, entering the exchange section for users and buying gold with bananas is a free and simple process.