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Team Fortress 2
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Everything i know about the game

This game is so good that i cant stop playing it watching it or watching someone play it for nearly everyday since late 2015 and its so entertaining.

Within This game as well it has loads of gamemodes to choose from like payload, attack&defense control points payload races pass time gamemode and those you can do on casual gameplay that everyone does everyday or competitive where you skills are the line to see how good you are in certain gamemode.

Then we co-op mode called mann vs machine where a team of 6 team up to defend mann co through up to a maximum of 8 waves of invading robots with up 6 of the following maps available.

While at it when you kill the robots money will fall out of its body collect it and you use that money to upgrade your wepaons and your self for future waves even agianst bigger and tougher robots including going on wave 666 as seen below and dont ask why i was by myself 8l
By playing this game you can get 250 Play
If your lucky when opening certain crates given to you by the game you might get something just the picture you see below and this was my first strange costmetic and to note this was for the spy and theirs many many more for each of the nine classes you can try find out their while having these cosmetics you points scored when your valve matchmaking severs and sadly not the mann vs machine servers and every time you score goes up to a certain amount of points will say on the left side of your screen saying you reach a certain amount of points and keeps on going and if lucky not only on the costmetic as shown below it also can work on hats with certain strange or unusual effect in which you and anyone on the enemy and your team can see and of this can available for of the nine classes if you lucky
By playing this game you can get 250 Play
Here is a rundown of my top three out of the nine classes i like play as any day.

1. Demoman because i like his sticky bomb launcher as well as his grenade launcher he fits my profile on this game because i can put stickies in places no one will ever know even when defending a control point or defending the bomb from the robots in mann vs machine.

2. Solder because give me any rocket launcher and the buff banner as well as the concheror or battalions back up i can do so much damage at least it will take pro player to take me down.

3. Engineer because i like to build anything including a teleporter to help my team to victory from one place to another, a dispenser to help to my team gain there health and ammo and then the sentry gun to help defend a area of whatever game mode i play regularly or when im playing mann vs machine
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Author Sir_Harris96
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