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A Beginner's Guide to (haha) Candy Match!

Hi, everyone! How's it going? If you're here like me, it's probably a great day. We're all in the quest for bananas. There are lots of ways. So maybe you want to play a simple little game...

I know this isn't a new thing; it's just one of many in the smart phone game array. Nevertheless, it will help you pass some time and develop new skills, too. Without further delay---

May I introduce: Candy Match! I played this game and it just got better and better. It's a great way to relieve stress or mentally challenge yourself.

Although not an expert, yours truly will do her best to explain the easiest and fastest ways to win each match and get lots of bananas!

First of all, watch all the advertising, or at best let it play... This is what makes the game profitable and at times as a result you will get more points which will later turn into yummy, yellow, valuable "peel, banana, peel peel banana" bunches! Sorry, getting carried away.

The next tip I have is to watch how to play, but don't let the game tell you what to do. The first few levels will have the beginning of each match animated to show you how to play. For example: The game start will show you how to slide a piece of candy with the same color between too others to make them disappear - a very good play, by the way. However, if you get stuck or take too much time later, the game is programmed to "show" you how to play by shaking a candy. If you do move the candy that was shaken, you'll get some points, but following all the hints consistently will let you LOSE (I repeat, LOSE!) the match. Your points will still add up, but you just won't have enough moves to go CANDY MATCH and have all the candies go away so you can ascend to the next level.

A much better way is to take your time deciding how to play. A few hints followed won't make you lose at every level, but in general you can find a play that will get you more points or help you hit the objectives needed to advance. For example, the game hint may show how to get 3 matching candies, but you might be able to find 4 or 3 matching candies in 2 ways. That will help you get points faster.

Also, following the hints will usually just get you a regular match, when you will hit more of the objectives (cookies, strawberries, it depends on each level) when you play it your own way. If you take the time to think it out, you will find a way. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of squares, some with cookies, some with X's, so you need to try what works to get the rules and hit those objectives!

Lastly, don't be surprised if you can't get a CANDY MATCH at each level on the first try. The amazing thing is how your brain will adapt and after several tries, you will move on, advancing level by level in just a few days' time. Getting some rest between games also seems to help, especially a good night's rest, so your brain has time to process and organize what it's learned through your efforts.

Bonus tip! You can use points to switch and do other fancy stuff using the bottom icons next to the game layout, but doing so usually isn't necessary to win, and you will delay your score because they cost lots of points. Watching several ad videos can help you recover them.

Hope that helps! Happy playing CANDY MATCH! Bliss out : )

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