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Review About Aion, After 6 Years playing it

Aion is an MMORPG released in 2008, being one of the top and most popular MMO's. Unlike today, Aion used to have a monthly subscription and still does for Taiwan. There are many classes in Aion, however, the classic classes were: templer, gladiator, archer, assassin, spiritmaster, sorcerer, chanter and preist. After the game became free to play more classes were added, they were the following: bard, aethertech and engineer.

The game started off very successful within the MMO community, as it was, really one of the best looking and well-planned mmo out there with almost weekly updates/patches. Also, back then the MMO community wasn't as big as today's, in fact, it was pretty small. This was when Aion came in and pushed the hype for new MMO genres even further creating today's huge MMO fanbase. Back then, World Of Warcraft was out but yet, not as popular as today. In this article, I will be talking about my experience, positives, and negatives and if the game should still be played today. (Please read the whole article before playing the game!)
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Let's start with my experiences the game. When I first purchased the game. I had to wait in order to have the chance to complete the starting quest. Crazy right! waiting for mobs to spawn, haha. The game was extremely rewarding as you grinded through the levels, learning new skills (seeing new animations) and finally exploring new areas and instances. However, after they introduced newer levels, especially level 60 (when the became free to play) the grind seemed very painful and not as rewarding as what I would have hoped it to be. (One more thing, as a player who has played both asmodian and elyos, I personally recommend asmodian as they have slightly more interesting areas to explore.)

So, let's move onto the positive about the game. Between level 1-50 is very exciting and fun as you just couldn't wait to move out of areas and just do stuff! However, there are some negatives which would be talked about in the next paragraph. The instances are also very fun because most of them require group work and strategy to fully complete, they also have special event instances which are really fun to participate in. In addition, they flying mechanic is also very special (which is also introduced in world of warcraft) as it allows more area for you to explore too. However, this is the most amount of positives I could say about the game due to the current state it is in.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now onto the negatives... (This part will be really negative...). I admit, I did say the game was really good at the golden phase of it being released. However, after it became free to play, everything about the game went downhill. The game became not rewarding after level 50, it was all about PVP, if you wanted to level up, well the farming zones are all PVP areas so good luck with that! Then you might say, well its just because you have bad gear, you can't avoid that. No, the game has become VERY pay to win in the current time. In fact, the strongest gear could be obtained, guess where? You got it right! the cash shop... This was done to sustain the income of the game due to players not paying for cash shop items... (it's not your fault!). In addition, they've also nerfed the loot you can get from instances and put those items into the cash shop. Thus, making the game pretty much unplayable... (unless if you spend money of course)

One more thing I forgot to mention, the game got purchased by Gameforge. They made, HUGE nerf to drops, from 4-5 item drops (to power your gear in late game), was dropped to 1-2 making it take a REALLY LONG TIME to get basic gear to PVP. Whereas, players who simply pay money will end up being better then you in gear even if you grinded for a way longer time then they did. Now, let's stop talking about pay to win.

Furthermore, the game is also lacking content, its not rewarding, its not fun to explore, therefore, the game is simply not fun. Well, at least the late game, not the early game. Now you may question, just don't PVP. That simply won't work, the game design went after it went free to play is start to PVP which then is also connected straight to pay to win.

Overall as the conclusion, you may already guess if I would recommend the game or not. And if you don't, it's a no unless if you just want to play the game for a little bit between level 1 and 50 then it would be fine. However, playing above level 50, is simply not worth it, unless if your willing to empty your wallet. If you are emptying your wallet... well rip ):
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Author JohnChang
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