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Champions Online
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Champions Online: Guide,Review,Tutorial,Facts, Pros and Cons, comparison between DC Universe Online and much more details about the game (2009 - 2017)

In this guide i'll be giving you details about Champions Online based on my experience and which powers and move sets are the best option for you to choose.
Champions Online is a free-to-play superhero-themed massively multi-player online role-playing game by former City of Heroes/Villains developer Cryptic Studios based on the Champions license. This game has been running for 8 years now. Champions Online is a game that delivers the super-hero like experience that you desire. You'll certainly want to play this game. Unlike DC Universe Online you get to play episodes without paying.
This game will keep you entertained with the many events taking place, superpowers to choose that can help you in battle and a wide map to explore. This is 'Champions Online' welcome to the game and good luck heroes.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And now i'll get into the guide.
At the starting of the game you will have the option of which Archetype(Character and Superpower) you would like to use. For players who can't afford or don't want to pay for the exclusive archetypes,there are free archetypes that are given to you to choose. These free archetypes are: The Inferno, The Marksman, The Mind, The Glacier, The Behemoth, The Blade, The Soldier, The Unleased, The Radiant and The Grimoire. My personal favorites out of these two archetypes are 'The Unleased and 'The Marksman'. But,"Why" you may ask. These two archetypes are my personal favorites because they are a powerful force to be reckoned with,especially The Unleased. I would recommend choosing either The Marksman, The Unleased, The Soldier, The Behemoth or any other archetype that may soothe your experience.
There are also travel powers. The travel powers which are currently in the game are:
Flight - The standard for comparison.
Superspeed - Fastest travel power; restricted to ground movement.
Teleportation - Only inertia-free travel power; requires constant reactivation.
Swinging - Least precise, most engaging; requires constant reactivation.
Jet Boots - Fastest flight; slowest acceleration, no jetpack option.
Fire Flight - Flight, but with colored flame aura.
Earth Flight - Flight, but with a chunk of whatever you were standing on.
Super Jump - Slow walking, fast and high jumping; can't reach all rooftops.
Acrobatics - Run fast, jump high; not as fast or as high as Super Speed or Super Jump.
Ice Slide - Faster and harder to corner than flight; sinks downwards.
Tunneling - Avoid enemies - and lofty places.
Rocket Jump - Superjump, now with more science.
Hover Disk - Fast, flying, color options; no shape options, worst cornering.
I'd recommend that the users who want a quick and time efficient travel power use Acrobatics or Superspeed. Also, as you level up so does your travel power stats. For example,when you achieve level 25 you get faster movement speeds and jump height for the Acrobatics travel power.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The exclusive archetypes are the ones that have special or extended abilities. These archetypes are: The Devastator, The Disciple, The Fist, The Impulse, The Inventor, The Invincible, The Master, The Mountain, The Night Avenger, The Savage, The Scourge, The Specialist, The Squall, The Tempest, The Void, The Icicle, The Predator, The Hexslinger, The penitent, The Cybernetic Warrior, The Rockstar and The Witch.
Oh! I almost forgot, there are also unlockable archetypes and event unlockable archetypes. The current and only unlockable archetype is 'The Automation'. You can get The Automation archetype by reaching the max level on an archetype in the game. The event unlockable archetypes are: The Cursed, The Void, The Icicle and The Night Avenger. Also,These events are as followed to your calendar: Independence day, Easter, Christmas, New Years, Chinese new year, The Blood Moon and etc.
If you're interested in buying subscription to Champions Online then you'll need to know about the benefits of having membership. You'll get freeform characters,meaning that you'll get your very own custom character that can use any power in-game.
As a freeform character, pick and choose your powers from a pool of 26 powersets to create the perfect hero. Plus, color-change your powers and get access to all premium Archetypes, including the Night Avenger and more. Gold Members get free access to thirteen costume sets, with more than 400 pieces in total. You’ll also be able to claim a new costume piece every month, exclusively available to subscribers. Gold Members get a monthly stipend of 500 Zen to spend in the C-Store. That's enough for a free Aura Pack, free keys to open up those Lockboxes, plus tons of other possibilities!
- That's almost about it. I hope that this Guide and Review will be helpful and i'll see you in-game. Good luck Hero!
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Author Han Ley
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