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Awesome Vehicular Combat Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get on set of the new Mad Max? Well this is kind of the same.

You start off with a basic gritty Pickup Truck and some Machine Guns to rip through your first matches.
When you enter your first match you come across multiple paths to choose from in attacking your enemies this may be overwhelming at first but you soon come to realise the outer paths are mostly the best. The controls are pretty good, but the delay in steering needs to be fixed, although it has some problems the same is excellent to play casually. There are multiple game modes and multiple stages of unlocks through different factions and mission in game. It doesn't take to long to acquire some better weapons or new vehicle parts and the starting mission give you a decent understanding of the games controls and how everything works.

(Screenshot taken from my Plays.TV recordings)
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After you level up a little bit you unlock more intense weapons such as Cannons which are long range heavy damage weapons or shotguns which are short range heavy damage. You place those down on your car in hopes of not dying so quickly as you did last time (Which was my first experience). There is a decent range of parts to choose and build from aswell as weapons. Each gun has a certain rating which adds on to your vehicle rating, which determines what kind of matched level you'll be put up against. Your vehicle has a maximum amount of points it can have without needing to be a higher level which means you can't just put 10 cannons on your vehicle at once. Although having 10 cannons would be great it also wouldn't as each gun has different knockback so to speak. The cannons will make your vehicle move backwards a couple of feet, or more depending on how much your vehicle weighs.

(Screenshot taken from my Plays.TV recording)
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Hopping into this game with friends is a blast as you blast your way to the objective together ruining everything in your path... Well, until you loose some wheels and struggle to drive in a straight line. The damage system is pretty good, your car has weak spots where you could place certain parts to increase damage resistance or you could play more defensive and position your car in a certain way so attacking enemies hit your armoured spots more than your unprotected spots. Of course different parts would effect handling and speed as they do have physics weight to them. There are also different buffs so to say you can put on your vehicle like a radiator to decrease weapon cool-down times or a carjack to flip you over when you accidentally fall of a cliff.

Time to sum this game up in one sentence. "Mad Max car shoot-em up Deathmatch" I would recommend a download.
5.0 (1)
Author LachieT
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