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CS:GO - Best review :D

I think there are some very good CS:GO skins that get overlooked when buying cheap skins from the steam market. I will give screenshots and my opinion on these. When the community makes these skins, they make them for a specific price group and after checking the market and my inventory, I found these skins to be over looked quite a bit.
So I think its about time they get a good review for what they are worth.

1. First up a pistol: The Glock-18 | Wraiths.
This simple glock is very well detailed and well worth getting with or without stattrak.
And as seen in the screenshot below adding a few stickers can make it look even better, if you are into that sought of stuff. With my stattrak and orange sticker you can really get a nice looking pistol skin for very little in the minimal wear and field-tested quality groups.
By playing this game you can get 450 PLAY
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
2. Next I would like to show of a minimalist weapon skin: The AUG | Torque.
While being simple in the detailing it is still quite a nice skin for under $1.
The sharp outline around the white area are also a very nice touch on such a basic design.
The White and yellow really tie together well with this sleek design. Even the magazine has detailing on the bottom of it! The only problem is that with this skin on lower quality versions, such as battle-scared and well-worn, the small details get rubbed or scratched away. This really is sad to see on something so clean as this. So, I would suggest trying to get one that is as close to minimal wear or factory new as possible. Don't just settle for well-worn, save for something better looking, that is the principle you should use when getting any skins.
By playing this game you can get 500 PLAY
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
3. Saving the best for last (imo): The SSG 08 | Abyss / SSG 08 | Slashed.
These two skins are my two favorite cheap skins in the Sniper Rifle group (a side from any awp skin you can afford). For a burst of colour I would go with the Abyss skin with its vivid spash of blues and black. Or for a more savage look, the Slashed skin, having a very aggressive look to it in-game. Either way they are both Awesome Cheap skins.
Having said all this, I still would highly recommend getting some more expensive skins for a more diverse and stunning selection. After reading this review, I hope some you beginners out there will have a good idea of what to get to start off your skin collection (or even just expand it) and have a bit more variety because of it.

P.S. In my next review I hope to cover the most expensive skins available. Please comment to let me know which ones you most like in the more expensive range ;)
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CSGO (B2P) CS:GO - Best review :D

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