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Counter Strike Global Offense : Stuff you should know

Just a guide for stuff you should know!

1. Overview
2. Game modes
3. Ranks
4. Weapons
5. Maps
6. Operations
7. Skins
8. Tips

----------------------------------------------------------------📚 Overview/How To Play📚-----------------------------------------------------------

Counter Strike is a 1st person shooter where you are either a Counter Terrorist or a Terrorist. Terrorists have a bomb, and their objective is to either

a. Plant the bomb💣
b. Eliminate all the Counter Terrorists🗡️

Eliminating all the Counter Terrorists is pretty straight forward; just kill them all to win. The other method, planting a bomb, can be a little trickier to do, since the CT (Counter Terrorists) will be guarding the sites. In casual/competitive, there are 2 bombsites. These sites are clearly labeled "A", and "B". These are your bombsites. The terrorist carrying the bomb will need to plant here. When they plant, players nearby can hear a "beeping" sound, letting them know someone is planting the bomb. After they plant, a notification will show up in the middle/bottom of their screen, letting T and CT (Terrorists and Counter Terrorists) that the bomb has been planted, and it will explode in 40 seconds. CT side will try to get to the bomb and defuse it. If they don't, the bomb will explode killing anyone unlucky enough to be standing near it.

CT side will protect the sites, or try to defuse the bomb in time.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
That was me playing on one of the more popular maps, Cache. The most popular map is probably Dust 2.

--------------------------------------------------------------------⚔️Game Modes⚔️--------------------------------------------------------------------

There are 5 game modes. Casual, death match, arms race, comp, and demolition

⚔️Casual: Regular game, will place you with random people if not in a group. Does not affect rank. First team to 8 rounds won wins. 15 total rounds. 10 players max per team.

⚔️Comp (or competitive): Game affects rank, 30 rounds, first team to 16 rounds win. 5 players per team. LEAVING WILL GIVE YOU A PENALTY. In this mode, you can buy armor (in casual you start off with armor).

⚔️Death Match: 10 minutes total, players compete with each other to have the highest number of points at the end. Different weapons give different amounts of points. Throughout the game, bonuses will pop up, which give you bonus points if you kill a PLAYER with that weapon. You also get 1 point for killing a chicken. Yes, a chicken. Doesn't affect rank.

⚔️Arms Race: Players start with certain weapons, and as they get kills they will progress through the sequence of weapons. 20 weapons total. Can not buy. Team leader (highest ranked player on your team) will automatically rank you up to the next weapon if you kill them. When you knife someone, you gain a level and they move back down a spot (so they will gain the weapon they had before). Last weapon is a golden knife. Doesn't affect rank.

⚔️Demolition: Kinda like competitive. Doesn't affect rank. Fast-paced, 20 rounds total. Every round you get a kill you will "level up" and will receive a new weapon. If you kill more than 1 person, you get an extra grenade :)

You can also play community servers by clicking "Play" and then "Browse community servers". There are also workshop maps which you can play! Simply hit "Subscribe" and relaunch CS:GO. Hit "Play" then you should see a tab which has all of your subscribed servers!


You get ranks for winning/losing competitive ranks. Here they are!

Unranked (You need to win 10 matches to get ranked)
Silver I
Silver II
Silver III
Silver IV
Silver Elite
Silver Elite Master
Gold Nova I
Gold Nova II
Gold Nova III
Gold Nova Master
Master Guardian I
Master Guardian II
Master Guardian Elite
Distinguished Master Guardian
Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master
Supreme Master First Class
Global Elite


Weapons for T-side and CT-side


Pistols for T Pistols for CT

Glock-18 P2000
P250 USP-S
Desert Eagle Desert Eagle
Dual Berettas Dual Berettas
Tec-9 CZ75 Auto
CZ75 Auto R8 Revolver
R8 Revolver P250

You can either have the Tec-9 or the CZ75 Auto on T-side, or the CZ75 Auto and the Five-Seven on CT-side, but not both. Same for the Desert Eagle and the R8. Same for the P2000 and the USP-S on CT-side

Heavy for T Heavy for CT

Nova Nova
XM1014 XM1014
Sawed-Off MAG-7
M249 M249
Negev Negev

Assault Rifles for T Assault Rifles for CT

Galil AR Famas
AK-47 M4A1-S
SSG 08 M4A4
SG 553 SSG 08
AWP SG 553

CT can either have M4A4 or M4A1-S.

Sub-machine guns for T Sub-machine guns for CT

MAC-10 MP9
UMP-45 UMP-45
PP-Bizon PP-Bizon
P90 P90

Gear for T Gear for CT

Kevlar vest Kevlar Vest
Kevlar + helmet Kevlar + helmet
Zeus x27 Zeus x27
C4 (you can't buy this) Defuse Kit (for defuse maps)
Rescue Kit (for hostage maps)

Grenades for T Grenades for CT

Molotov cocktail Incendiary grenade
Decoy grenade Decoy grenade
HE grenade HE grenade
Flashbang Flashbang
Smoke grenade Smoke grenade

For clarification, the molotov cocktail and the incendiary grenade are the exact same thing, with only different names and looks.


There are many maps in game!

Arms Race Maps: Baggage, Lake, Monastery, Safehouse, Shoots, St. Marc

Demolition Maps: Bank, Lake, Safehouse, Shortdust, Shorttrain, St. Marc, Sugarcane

Hostage Maps: Italy, Assault, Militia, Office

Reserve Maps: Aztec, Vertigo, Dust, Canals

Casual Maps: Cache, Cobblestone, Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Train

Competitive: All maps can be played here!


Operations are like special events where you can play on special maps to earn rewards. It is completely free, but you can also buy the operation pass (🎟️) to unlock a coin, and an extra thing that is like campaign mode. It's called guardian. It's a 2 player mode where you work to complete the special challenge. You earn xp by playing guardian and completing the weekly event, which cycles through War Games, Wingman, and Weapon's Expert. War games has 6 different games. I will explain below.

Disclaimer: This is for the current event, Hydra. I can not guarantee for next event!

Flying Scoutsman: Low gravity, can not buy, only SSG.
Heavy Assault Suit: Casual, but with a Heavy Assault Suit. 200 armor, faster weapon switch, slow movement.
Headshots Only: Only headshots do damage.
Stab Stab Zap: Rechargeable taser and knife only.
Hunter-Gatherers: Like Death Match, though you work with your team to earn dog tags that drop on death.
Trigger Discipline: If you miss a shot, you take damage proportional to the damage of the weapon. You can't die by missing a shot.

Tip: For trigger discipline buy molotov's and HE grenades. Lot's of players will be at 1 health, and a grenade/molotov is a great way to finish them off!

Official Hydra Stuff:
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Disclaimer: For the picture above, not all people will be like this person, who needs to learn common sense. Some will be more sneaky, pretending to be your friend. Also: Never do trades where you have to send the item over for "proof". They may or may not be legit, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


You may have noticed that I have added a moneybags emoji to the word. That's because skins can be quite pricey. There a a few ways to get skins.

Ways to get skins

1. Cases
2. Gambling
3. Trading
4. Buying them
5. Sites like this
6. Skill based sites

You can open cases to get skins. Each case has different sets of skins you can get. To get a case, you can buy them on the community market, or get them in game from drops (I'm aware you can trade, gamble, or get them from sites like this, but that is uncommon really, because they are so cheap most players aim for higher up). To open it, you need a key, which you can get from all the ways above (gambling, trading, buying them, or sites like this) EXCEPT from cases. If you have extra money, you can try this method, although it is rare to strike profit. It is fun to watch though!

The next method is gambling. I know in interspanky's tutorial (listed here: ), he/she currently lists that you can only gamble if you don't live in the U.S. . That's not true (I mentioned that in the comments). Anyone can gamble, as long as your 18+ of age. Some case opening sites have it at 13+, but they don't have as many features as other 18+ sites.

Next on our list is trading. You can trade for skins. The problem is that to trade, you need to have skins. You can earn some from drops, but usually they aren't very good skins. I've heard you can get super rare drops ($1000+) on Tuesdays. Either way, you can join trading servers or sites to trade. If you don't like that, just post it in the CS:GO trading forums!

Next is buying them. Just go to the community market to buy them. You can also head on over to sites that sells skins for cheaper prices. Some require you to be 18+, some don't. Just read the TOS.

Next are these kinds of sites, where you work for them. If you work hard in your spare time (don't get addicted!) you can get nice skins pretty frequently. I will post other sites like this at the end.

Lastly are skill-based sites, where you can earn skins by playing CS:GO! These are skill-based, so if you are good, you can earn lots of them, fast! I will post a site at the end.


1. Impersonating someone on you friends list and asking to "borrow" and item. They will never give it back.
2. Sending you to a site where you deposit your skin, but when you gamble/use up all your cash, you won't be able to withdraw. Ever.
3. Sending you malware, or sending you to a site with malware. Honestly, don't download anything. Especially if you don't have a system to scan your downloads. At least check it out, look for reviews, stuff like that.
4. Like #2, but they copy a site so it looks super legit! But if you look at them, they just edited the url and the name. A common one is copying a site called FarmSkins.
5. Threats/Blackmail: Not very common, but still. Some people threaten other to give them skins or they will report them, or something like that (I will hack your Steam account, I will ban you, I will give you -rep). Don't believe them, report them!

That's all for now :)


1. Learn spray patterns (A spray pattern is the pattern of bullets a gun makes when holding down left click. Learning spray patterns will allow you to spray constantly as a some-what straight line!)! Site:

2. Practice in deathmatch!

3. Download workshop maps to train your reflexes.

4. Join games with your friends! It makes it more fun :)

5. Learn map call outs! Site:

I spent a lot of time making this guide. If you liked it, please help me out by liking this guide and maybe adding a nice comment below! If you would like to see anything added, make sure to comment it below!

Cool Sites (You can help me out too!)

Earn points by watching videos, completing surveys! You can also do coinflips/roll the money to maybe gain more! Withdraw for giftcards, CS:GO skins, and more! There is a daily reward too!

Case opening site, you can un-box COOL skins!


Earn points by winning 1v1 games in CS:GO! Free matches, sign up today! There is a daily reward too!

Watch videos to earn tickets, which you can use to enter raffles! If you don't want to enter raffles, there is also a market too. There is also a daily reward!

Thanks for reading this, hope you have a great day!
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