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Desert Operations
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Desert Operations, An Online Military Game That You Will Love

Hello dear friends

This time I want to talk about an online game that is really good, its name is Desert Operations, this is a game that you can play in browser, you just have to register (nick name, e-mail & password) and ready to play.

This game has a tutorial guide like other games of its kind, and in my view, it is a very easy to understand tutorial to be able to get started in the game. In the tour that makes the tutorial we will know the most important buildings (Airfield, Pentagon, Bank, Skyscrapers, Mine, Oil Refinery, University, Simulations Facilities, Trade Center, Headquarters, Factory, Arms Factory, Ammunition Facility, Residential Buildings, Barracs and Dock) as well as the basic functionality of each of them (produce dollars, oil, gold, ammunition or weapons).

all these buildings and features, very necessary to succeed in the game
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game has beautiful graphics, the images are clear, sharp, with good contrasts of colors and very well drawn by whoever designed them.

On the other hand the sound is a good sound to set yourself up and feel that you enter the game and live it in person.

The animations are fluid and beautiful, with small and curious details, but if you are a detail person, you will be able to enjoy them a lot.

As for the architecture of the game, the structure of the buildings is very beautiful, and gives the impression of a real atmosphere, that is, it seems that you are seeing your own city from a satellite in space. something similar to google images.

The natural setting is well done, although they could add wave movement, trees, one or another animal, along with its different characteristic sounds, to wrap us even more in the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I also want to tell you about my experience regarding the gameplay.

The game is very easy to play but also very fun, since it has many features that make it unique, such as technologies in the university, which allow you to do different investigations (Ground, Air, Water, Defense, Military and Upgrading) .

Other buildings also have specialized research, Airfield has Hangar and Runway, the Pentagon has Central Intelligence Agency, Barracs has Tank Grounds and Firing Range and likewise the other buildings have expansions and personalized research.

Personally I want to tell you that the game is very fun and I liked it a lot, do not need a lot of time per day to play and progress, but in addition to everything I have said, it makes me feel that I am in a distant country living the experience of our brave soldiers.

Thanks for reading and I hope you sign up for the game and enjoy it just like I am doing.
See you soon and good luck my friends.
5.0 (1)
Author Vash.
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