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Fortnite and it's decline

What started out to be one of the most unique and distinguishable games ever released into the gaming world, Has now seen a fair share of declines and has become like every other game out there. It has lost it's originality, by adding features u can find in almost every game out there in the market right now. In the trial of making the game a better one for it's players, it has ruined it for them in a variety of reasons. The game developers have implemented several wrong decisions which have taken a wrong turn in the game and have essentially ruined it for the community. If the Fortnite development team would have been better in their responses to the community and its players, The game would have been 1000x times better and would have excelled. The game developers adding unnecessary game changes that affected the game in a bad way such a the addition of the mythic sword or the removal of health and mats per kill, etc. If these would have been still in the game and vice versa it would have maybe increased the games current status

One of their most criticized factor is, their communication with their fellow players. What could be more of a disaster more than not listening to the players that play the game. Not valuing their opinions, Disregarding skill based match-making, etc. The game developers have completely ignored the players, who spend their own valuable time into the game that they love, the game that would have gone down in history as one of the best games ever to be produced. EVER. But all gone on vain. Who will be left to play if there is no one to correct the mistakes that is present in the game. The developers often quite just ignore the players opinions, and in some cases the players might just have some changes which can make the game better for anyone. Still no one pays heed to it and just let's the game to go into absolute anarchy and slowly destroy itself and gradually come to a complete stop ending it once and for all. This can be easily avoided if the game developers just took their time and focused on what are the things that need to be taken care of instead of just the addition of more and more things.

If i could change one thing about the Fornite development team, It would be the team itself and this would show a very deep change in how the game functions and works. It isn't too late to change what has happened and focus on the revival of the game and its re-birth. Fortnite has a wide and large audience which allows it to be extremely influential.

It’s no secret that Epic has invested a lot of money into the Epic Games Store. Most of that money almost certainly came off of the success of Fortnite. While public perception is starting to turn, people are still not completely happy with the Epic Games Store.

If Epic ends up losing the Fortnite revenue they could be in trouble. The store is nowhere near finished enough to stand on its own. With some pretty big promises made to developers, they could find themselves rapidly becoming unprofitable.Fortnite just doesn’t have that breadth of content available. It’s pretty easy to see from reactions to the content announcements on Twitter that players are getting frustrated by the lack of content.

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