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Fortnite Battle Royale best sell 2017

Fortnite Battle Royale its a battle royale game where you get launched from a "flying bus" and you glide and hit the ground wherever you want so you can chose any location from the map to go to and lot.

The game for me started to get boring cause i played it a lot and from a noob i become a pro and i win every single match wich is boring..when i first started the game i was hiding in every bush on the entire map i remember that i was in season 2 or 3 and me and my friend will always hide the hole match..i remember that every time i hear a sniper shot i will jump not in game in real life :) cause i knew that i was gonna die.

The game was really fun but now i play when i remember cause is boring...and i think that this is what is happening with all old players they stop playing Fortnite that much and the game is slowly dying and one day there will be just 100-200 people playing it..from the most watched content on youtube now it not even watched by 100.000 and that is sad cause i liked this game a lot.

I really want to see this game grow again..but i hope that less and less people will dance fortnite dances cause some of them are very cringe and i hope that it will end but the game i hope it will mentain itself yea there will always be new players but it will never be like in the past.

Now there are to many items to learn how they work and wich are better and new guns that you need to learn how to control recoil and things like that and its starting to turn like League of Legends (LoL) started to get...yea new content is always good but too much especially in a battle royale game is starting to get bad and boring to play..

I remember that every time that i got home from school i was going to play fortnite but now i barely remember to play it and this is sad..cause its not a bad game its a really good game.

This game really needs a update that will popularize it again that will make the game fun again and a less easier for starters to learn the basics of the game

Maybe they will do something and save the game while they can yea the game is not instantly dying but is slowly but surely so i hope they will do something very fast.

I had a lot of fun with this game and i hope it will keep being played by a lot of players and it will not die like other games did..

Yea i hope you like what i wrote..i spent some time working on this and i think that it will be very helpfull for me if you share this article or just rate it and like it maybe add a comment if you think that what i said its true..i think 20% of you will think that this will happen one day but its not sure its just a teory but some teoryes are true sometimes..i hope not in Fortnite Battle Royale case cause its created by some dedicated developers wich do they best to make the best expirience for theyr players and theyr community cause they are making a lot of money off this game and they gaining fame for having a good and popular game.

Thanks for reading this have a good day !

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