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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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This Game Is Awesome

This game is awesome and i love it. I've been playing GTA 5 since it came out and boy has it come a long way especially with GTA online. Honestly this game has changed my life cause say i got mad or something i played this game and just drove really fast or did a few missions cause the driving mainly relieved stress but only cause i really like driving period. Other things in this game also satisfied me like i loved going up mount chiliad and driving off or parachuting off cause the destruction of the car satisfied me and was super hilarious and no not in a weird way i just like to see cars and the insides of them and yea i know that probably sounded super creepy when i said that but i just really like it and on the next session of this article im gonna be talking about how i love the driving skills and just the driving motion and how the driving works.
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Alright i am now gonna talk about how i love the driving part of GTA. Why i love this standard so much in GTA is because i love how the motion of it is and especially when you go fast in the car it shows motion blur basically and its sooooo cool. I love driving in this game also cause for one i like to show off with my friends and for two i like to race other people in GTA online and for 3 i like to drive around super fast around the city. This is mainly my most favorite thing to do in GTA 5 well besides GTA online and thats what i'll be talking about on the next part in this article. But GTA 5 like without online is still good too but i honestly like GTA online too. Well i guess there is nothing to talk about now that i like about GTA 5 so im gonna go on to GTA online now and talk about how i like it.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
When i started playing GTA 5 it was super fun but then i beat the game did some things to get up to like 2 billion dollars and basically bought everything and it started to get boring until GTA online came out then i got really excited and i was like hey ill try this so i tried it and i loved it and i played it nonstop but then my grades started dropping so i said to myself hey i need to slow down on this so i quit playing for a while and then i got back on a few months later and there was all kind of new stuff and there was way more people. But i still played but i only played not as much as i used to and my grades started raising and then we come to now. I still play GTA online but not as much cause i dont really play games anymore. Thank you for listening to this article that i worked hard to write and i hope you enjoyed. Thanks!
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