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Let's Fish Game Review

I was scrolling through the simulation games list trying to find a good game to play when I saw a game titled "Let's Fish", this caught my eye as I have always loved fishing since I was a kid and try to find time to do it whenever I can. It was really easy to start playing with just 3 steps to set up an account and then "BOOM" you can begin. The game includes many different types of fish and tons of different fishing rod configurations allowing you to switch the handle, the pole, and the type of string. Being able to change the bait you use was also fun as you didn't just have to use boring old worms, the different types of bait also let you catch fish of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. I personally enjoyed this game and got to level 5 before having to quit to do other things, I never really got back into the game but I would definitely play it again if I had the time.
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The game, "Let's Fish" has many things that make it fun including the leveling system, achievements, and currency. To start off, I absolutely loved the leveling system as it was extremely easy to level up just by catching fish and completing achievements, all you had to do was play and every few minutes or so you would level up and gain new fishing rod parts, bait, and other items useful to the game. The achievements in the game were also really simple to complete while getting you useful items as well, some of the achievements may involve tasks such as catching a certain amount of fish with a certain bait, catching a certain amount of fish in a certain area, or buying certain items. Lastly, the currency system of the game is really simple just as pretty much any other game, all you have to do is level up, complete achievements, or catch fish and then you will get a certain amount of gold coins or cash.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I would like to close by saying that I really did enjoy playing this game as I hope many of the people who read this do as well and I hope that they make more simplistic game such as this one and maybe even update this game a little bit. I have to say that I have definitely always enjoyed simple simulation game like "Let's Fish" a lot more than action packed/violent games such as the "Call Of Duty" franchise and the "Grand Theft Auto" series and wish that this generation would stop playing such violent games and play more casual games. I hope you enjoyed reading my review on this game as I enjoyed spending my time writing this, if you would like me to write more of these articles or record videos than please leave a good rating or comment as I would really appreciate all the feedback I can get.
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Author Cockatoo
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