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Mario Party Superstars switch review

Mario party superstars is the newest addition to the Mario Party spin off franchise. It consist of a few modes and five maps of increasing difficulty. The main selling point of this new game is the collection of minigames. As a blast to the past game for the older Mario Fans with the most popular and infamous minigames from the Mario games of old. Today I will be reviewing my opinions on this game based on the graphic designs, the game flow and options available in game, the separate board maps with their unique quirks and overall everything i feel is interesting or is a good selling part to this family style game or things that i may of edited if i was in charge. The selling price for this game is £49.99 making it an average priced game at the time this is being written. I would say this is fair considering not only the major branding of Mario games but also their reputation for high quality family friendly games, and this newest addition to the franchise is definitely no different.

The maps consist of in increasing difficulty: Yoshi's tropical island, Space land, Yoshi's birthday cake, Woody woods and Horror land. Each of these have unique quirks from paying thwomp to pass to the other side of Yoshi's tropical island to the bowser beam that when charged will sweep a line across the board anyone in its path losing all coins in their possession. I would say many of these quirks add a fun twist to the games respectively and give each one a unique selling point as well as opportunity's for strategy adding some skill to the game besides mastering the minigames. My personal favourite board unique event is placing piranha plants into peaches birthday cake a small one costing 5 coins will steal coins from any player passing and a large one stealing a single star for you; It also allows the player free coins if you land on it. It is also nice to note that Nintendo has listened to it's audience as they have put the price of a star back up to 20 coins as many of the players had requested.

To get these coins we have to play minigames mainly. All the minigames are fun to play but not all are balanced. Particularly for the 3 versus 1. Many of the games swing heavily to either the group or the solo player, besides this however it is still very much fun to play and the controls for it run very smoothly. The creators seem to be aware of this as they made mt minigames a challenge mode that centre's purely on the minigames. I personally enjoy this mode and the challenge to win as many games in a row as possible. They also have a world ranking which encourages competitiveness to reach the top. Overall this game is definitely an improvement from the previous games in the franchise as the mechanics and minigames from past games have been updated graphically and are as pleasing to the eye as it is to play. This may not be the best game in the world but it is nothing to sneer at for family night entertainment especially with the help of the online mode making it also fun for solo players.

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