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Minecraft Biomes explained

MInecraft is a game based on the simple concept of surviving and building upon the land. What house you build in survival, can look different varying on what your environment contains. Some examples of biomes are forests, jungles, taigas, deserts, snowy mountains, and more. Each biome has their specific set of colors, trees or plants, animals, and geographical features. First, I am going to talk about the snowy biomes. Obviously, there must be snow present. Some biomes in this category are ice plains, ice plains spikes, and cold taigas. The ice plains spikes biome is a rare variation of the regular ice plains biome and it consists of tall ice spikes coming out of the ground on a snowy plain. You can only find packed ice here, which needs to be mined with a silk touch pick ax. The next category are plains biomes.
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Plain biomes are just flat and consist of grass and dirt. They also have many animals to provide food for the players. The forest biome has many different types of trees for example, a jungle or spruce forest. The most common tree however, is the ordinary oak tree. Swamps are identified with different colored murky, shallow waters with lily pads, and small bits of dirt. The grass is also discolored and there are many vines. The mesa biome is a very appealing biome to look at because of its variations of red in its plateaus and hills. It consists of a lot of terracotta clay and sand. These biomes are rare. Mesas also have many close to the ground mine shafts, which makes it a good exploring biome. Deserts are characterized with cacti, lots of sand, and desert temples and wells, some containing fatal traps.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Deserts are interesting because you can find desert pyramids, which contain booby traps and some loot. The ocean bio mes are big far stretching bodies of water and sometimes, there are little islands with little resources. You can also find generated ocean monuments here which spawn elder guardian and guardians. From them, you can acquire sponges and prismarine. The nether also counts as a bio me and it is called the underworld because it consists of a lot of lava, nether rack, and strange, challenging mobs. There are way more mobs in the nether and you can find unique items there. Nether fortresses also appear there and there are chests inside. An interesting aspect is that water can not be placed in the nether as it will just disappear. The end is another strange bio me filled with different mobs and obsidian pillars.
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