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Minecraft Blocks Explained

Minecraft a wide variety of blocks and items to use and build with. This is great as it sponsors a huge range of creativity through its open world. There are many different types of blocks, and they each give you something different and are made of something different. First, are the natural blocks, that are found in the natural world and usually cannot be made. They consist of ores, gravel, obsidian, end stone, sandstone, red sand, red sandstone, diorite, soul sand, netherrack, podzol, water, dirt, magma blocks, lava, blocks found in the nether, ice, clay, terracotta, sand, fire, bedrock, snow. The only way you can attain lapis lazuli ores, diamond ores, ice, redstone ores, emerald ores, or coal ores as a natural block is with a silk touch pickaxe. Ores also include gold ores and iron ores.
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The next type of blocks is structure blocks, used for building and are part of structures. These include ladders, cobblestone, bone blocks, diamond blocks, gold blocks, different colored carpets, mob spawner, sea lanterns, end portal frames, cobwebs, flower pots, glass blocks and glass panes, fences, iron bars, nether warts, dragon eggs, end gateways, end portal, grass path(found in villages), nether brick, nether portal, prismarine, purpur pillars and blocks, sponge, farmeland, end rods, and lapis lazuli block. In order to make these resource blocks, for example, diamond blocks, you need nine diamonds to make a block. Usually no one makes these blocks because they are pretty useless. Most of these blocks and items are generated as part of some section of the world. Mossy cobblestone is found in dungeons.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There is actually a wide variety of minecraft plants. There are ferns, cacti, lily pad, different types of wood, pumpkins, potato, different type of flowers, mushrooms, beetroot, melons, sugarcane, carrots, grass, leaves, wheat and bread,cocoa beans, chorus plants, and dead bushes. A lot of these plants can be grown in a garden and be used for sustainable food. For example, potatoes can be found in villages and can be cooked into cooked potatoes. They give you a good amount of hunger. Beetroot and mushrooms can be made into soup with a bowl. Sadly, these soups cannot be stacked, which makes them kind of annoying and inefficient to make. There are many flowers that make different colored dyes. You can use dyes to make colored carpets, wool, and beds. Flowers are found in the wild and sometimes there can be many flowers in one plain.
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