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Minecraft: Rare items and where to find them

Minecraft is a very popular game, with a very wide variety of blocks, tools, and items. Some of these items will be harder to obtain than others, and today, I am going to explain where to find and how to acquire these unique items. Firstly, the horse is one of the most prominent forms and transportation and in order to be able to ride one, you will need a saddle. Saddles cannot be crafted in a crafting table, rather you can only find them in chests in nether fortresses, jungle or desert temples, and villages. Another way they have be obtained is by trading with villagers or fishing. Nametags are also found those same areas and methods. With a nametag, you can name your mobs. Pumpkins can be found pretty easily, but melon seeds are harder to find. They are found in minecart chests in abandoned mineshafts.
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An interesting item to get is a music disc. They are only obtained by allowing a skeleton to shoot a creeper. This may be hard to do, as the creeper may explode before you get the loot. Music disc are used obviously for minecraft "music". Leather horse armor can be craft with seven leather, how ever the other kinds of horse armor, you will need to find in nether fortresses, villages, and desert or jungle temples. They are used for horse, hence the name, and operate proportionally to regular armor. If you want to get to the end, you will probably ned end portals and frames. There are only a very limited few of these blocks in a Minecraft world so you will just have to get lucky to find one. Prismarine can only be found in ocean monuments, and it makes a pretty blue green block or brick, that could be used in decor.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The sea lantern are also only found in ocean monuments and are crafted from items dropped by guardians. The nether star is only obtained when you kill the Wither and it is used to a beacon block. Even though it is easy to make ice and you can see it in alot of icy biomes, you will find that it will just shatter if you break it. What you need to acquire this block is a pickaxe with silk touch, which you can get by enchanting your pickaxe from an enchantment table. Packed ice is also gotten the same method but is only found in a certain icy biome. Packed ice doesn't melt in torch or glowstonelight compared to regular ice.You can obtain a with skeleton skull from killing a wither skeleton in the nether, and these wither skeleton skulls are used along with soul sand in spawning the boss mob, the wither.
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