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Roblox Review (General)

This game is very fun, even if you're older. There's many things to do and play around with, prop hunts, Murder Mysteries, FPS games that were very well made, and more. The community isn't bad, there's a lot of friends that play with each other, and the people are friendly. The majority of the games I played were extremely fun, I played outside of my quests and made some friends along the way too. The first game I played was a recreation of CS:GO , which was on the popular page and was hard, but fun. I made some friends during the game that I ended up playing other games with, and had a great time. This game offered a large selection of weapons, Assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, basically everything that the real CS:GO has but a free game, which is most likely why it's on the popular page of Roblox.
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The second game I played was called Jailbreak, and the point of the game was to escape the jail, then you could do such things as Rob banks, buy cars, paint your cars (skins), and escape being sent back to the jail handcuffed. This game was a bit more casual then CS:GO, but still was entertaining to the eye and had a good concept. There were a variety of cars, and other vehicles such as helicopters to keep you satisfied. You have to earn money by doing jobs and or you could rob banks as a way of earning money. I don't suggest this because most of the time cops just camp it to get money for themselves. But it can be very fun, it simulates those types of bank vaults you see in movies and includes things like lasers and tripwires. I had a very fun and hard experience playing this game and it was fun, since I played with some friends I met in the copy of CS:GO.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game itself was pretty fun, it gives you a nostalgic sense for those who used to play or just in general. The game doesn't really get old since there's an abundance of servers with many different things to do. Most of the games I played were FPS and a few mining simulator games since those are kind of addicting, but overall gameplay was great, didn't have any bad encounters, in fact I might continue to play after this, it does give you a childlike vibe but sometimes that's ok. Many of the different games I played included a story line, or an objective to complete. One of them was a treasure hunt, which included a mining simulator in it too, and had ships in which you could fire cannons at other people and defend your base. You could fit few people on a ship, or a large amount of people on a ship, depending on which one you bought. Overall, Roblox is hard to categorize since it includes such a large array of games to play, but can be described as a collection of games of all genres from developers.
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Author Telebubby
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