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Roblox versus Minecraft

Many people may compare Roblox to Minecraft, however My view on this topic is that these to games are incompatible to be compared because of how differently they are structured. Minecraft is revolved around increasing the quality of their universe and adding more to it, Roblox is not a universe, it is a huge collection of games created by users and developers. It may not have the quality of Minecraft, but it has way more quantity. In Roblox, the characters are way more customizable, as you can buy tons of different clothing options for your character. There are virtually thousands of different accessories, pets, and clothing you can choose from. As in Minecraft, you have the basic two types of characters, and you can find many skins online, or you can buy skins from their Minecraft store.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I like the variety of games that Roblox has. You can find building games to capture the flag all on one domain. Majority of the games are free to play and have quality and reliability even though they have no cost. Some games that i recommend are Project Pokemon, Mad Paintball, Survivor, and Zombie Rush. They are all games I had an obssesion phase over and can be enjoyed for free, except for Mad Paintball.(More on that later). Another thing I like about roblox is the ability to communicate with online friends and the capability to create joinable parties. This makes socializing way simpler. Just like in Minecraft, you can join servers with your friends, however, in Minecraft, it is harder to join the same server if you are not in the same house because there is not an invite system, however, you can play together through Xbox, which is tedious.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now to the cons. My pet peeve with this game was the amount of immature kids making inappropriate, random comments in the chat. As this game is targetted to a younger audience, this chat can be disturbing to very young players. Another thing I didn't like was how many crappy games there were, since games can be user created. This game is also sort of pay to win in that some games require robux in order to access them. Mad Paintball is a great game however most of the efficient, strong characters require money to get them. This makes the game harder for people without access to robux. Compared to Minecraft, Roblox has way more in game purchases, but Minecraft costs money in the first place, so that balances it out.

Roblox is a fun game if you find the right servers to play on, and is enjoyed better with friends.
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Author bokbokchoy
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