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The changes of Roblox.

In 2008, I was surfing the web as every 7 year old child did when I came across an advertisement for Roblox. I was curious, so I clicked on it and made an account and what I came across, was a game that I did become addicted to. I showed my brother, and all my cousins, and they soon became addicted to it too. It's 2017, and I still sometimes play it, maybe with friends, or maybe with the cousins I showed it to. No matter what the changes on Roblox are, Roblox has always been a fun, friendly game for kids, with easy parental control, where the parents are able to see their child's every move on the game. Back in 2008, no one really cared for the in game currency "Robux" which is the currency you have to spend money on, but you'd get 10 "Tix" a day for logging in, the free currency that they'd give to you. In late March, 2016, they announced the removal of "tix" and to just still have "robux." The reasoning of this being, is that it takes down the chance of alt accounts being created, new users being confused their first time playing, and they didn't wish to incite users to "check in" every day for their "tix" awards. When this was first announced, they allowed the chance for people to use all the rest of their tix on expensive, limited edition items, a limited edition item each day. To accommodate the change, they made more things in the catalogue, free and they allowed roblox developers to create more body parts, hats, faces, animations, etc. This change is argumentatively an improvement to both the users and the staff of Roblox.
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While the economy of Roblox, sure did go through a change, so did the users of Roblox. More creative people were stepping up and showing their skills. Whether it was to make popular games that every user sees on the front page, to the scripts that game creators require to make those games that the users play. Users are able to show their skills by making clothing items, and can earn robux for their hard work. People can pay robux to get into creatively made games and can pay robux to make private servers so they can play with their friends and family members. The users have made the community of Roblox so much better, and so much more involved. Back in 2008, it was easy to go into a room and make friends, but now in 2017, it takes more courage to get out there and make friends. Roblox is a safe place for children, and the community does help build social skills, creative skills and self confidence.
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Roblox has made important changes in the 11 years they have been a company, and their focus has always been on the accessibility of their account for all different ages, their focus on safety, parental control and equality. They truly care about their users, and their staff and they've never done anything to disapprove that statement. They made changes and continue to make changes for the users of all changes that use their website. They should be proud of the company they have become too. They've made an opportunity for children to make friends, to show their creativity skills and to be unique. This is great, because other games, like Club Penguin have been shut down since the starting of Roblox, and kids need a safe place to be able to talk to friends, and to show off their skills, and to speak about their opinions without being judged or bullied, and as it happens on every site, no matter what regulations have been put into place, there will be a child who has a judgement or has the need to lower someone else's mood, but Roblox makes sure to defend each one of their users and put in easy solutions, as a block button, or the report button. Every child has a say on Roblox, and every person of every age should be allowed to feel protected on a site and Roblox is the site I would always recommend to anyone.
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Author Bweakfast
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