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This Game Is Awesome!!!

This game never stops to surprise me! If you get bored of one game you can search for moore games completely different then the game you got bored of. One of my personal favorites is azure miners where you mine ores and upgrade equipment so you can mine more ores!!! Best thing about this is the game is free for anybody to play!!! You connect with friends, express your inner creativity and work with other people as a team. It depends on which game you get into if you work against, with, or not at all with anyone. you can join servers, create servers, and vote servers on whether you liked it or not. If you give them a thumbs up that tells them they did a good job and to keep up the hard work. If you give them a thumbs down that tells them their game has some flaws in it that they need to adjust to make it perfect!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There are all kinds of different game genres to play on here (like RP, building, military, Etc.) that you will find interesting. Like zombies??? Then zombie rush is the game for you where you defend yourself from the waves and waves of oncoming zombies coming at you and the longer you survive the more money you make. On this screen you can connect with other players and become friends with them. (but don't ever give away your personal information) You can create a party and whichever game you and your friends agree on choose then roblox looks for a server with enough room for you and your pals to have lots of fun!!! You can talk to your friends through text (like you see in the bottom right hand corner) You can use this and create a party on which all your friends join you in whichever game you guys decide on.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Roblox also has where you can customize your character (If you purchase robux) and make yourself look extremely awesome!!! This is my little dude and I got swords on him with this awesome surfboard! you can personalize your guy to look however you would like and if you want to get stuff in the stores you either earn them or buy them. If you are looking for some fun roblox is the place to go!!! Roblox is (of course) not completely safe. There are people out there that will try to scam you or say mean things and bully you, But don't let that bring you down there is an option if you click on the bullys name that says report where you can tell roblox that this person is breaking the rules and bullying you. Make sure you don't report someone just because you don't like how they look reprt them if they break the rules. Stay safe but most importantly HAVE FUN!!!
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