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Minecraft Guide: The First Night.

Do you need some help to get through one of the toughest parts of a Minecraft survival world? Yes, I’m talking about the first night. The first night is where players usually don’t have access to advanced weapons or gear, which makes it complicated to defeat hostile mobs, and other adversities. I will guide you through the first night by providing the steps you need to execute in order to successfully complete the first night.

As soon as you create your new world, you should go to a place with trees. Then, start punching the trees for wood. It doesn’t matter the type of tree. You should gather atleast 16 pieces of wood, and proceed to craft a wooden pickaxe. In shortly, you should go to the hillside to dig a small hole, or go to the opening of a cave. Be careful with encounters with hostile mobs, as these may spawn naturally inside caves. Regardless, you should gather 16 pieces of cobblestone. These will help you create a stone sword, a stone pickaxe, a stone axe and a furnace. Later, try to go hunt mobs for food. It’d be even better if you got 3 pieces of wool, which would be useful to craft a bed. A bed can help you skip the night.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Last but not least, try to get coal, it will be useful for torches and for smelting stuff like ores, food, etc. You should get atleast 20 pieces of coal, then, proceed to use half of your recently mined coal to craft torches, and the other half, for the furnace. It would also be useful to create another furnace, because It may hasten the process of smelting ores. You may also use 1 furnace for smelting food and the other for smelting ores. By the way, remember the hole on the hillside I was talking about to mine cobblestone? You may settle there for your first night. Never settle deep inside a cave, hostile mobs can appear, which make it a constant danger. As a rule of thumb, whenever you want to go to a cave, you will always need to have a shield as a minimum. Not to mention, you should never wait. Just as in real life, time in Minecraft is key. You should always use your time on doing things, from simple chores like harvesting crops to advanced work like building a new settlement. To follow this rule, while on nighttime, instead of waiting inside your base for daytime, you should make a mine inside the settlement.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You should go for Y 12, which is where diamonds naturally appear the most, for a chance of finding diamond ore. If you are lucky enough to find diamond ore, you should write down the coordinates, so when later on the game you go mining for diamonds, you already have some to start the mining journey with. Although, you should focus on gathering iron. Iron is very important in the game. It’s not rare, and can be used to craft iron armor, the second best in the game and the first armor you should get. You can also craft tools, which have a high durability level and are useful for most of the chores you are going to do after the first night. After 15 minutes of mining, you should go to the surface. You will notice the first night is over, and therefore, can be considered an achievement. Hooray!

Concluding this small guide, specifically made so that you can get past the adversities of the world of Minecraft, I want to thank you, reader, for choosing this article to understand more about this topic. If you don’t play Minecraft, I heavily recommend it, whether it’s the java version, or the mobile version. Also, when playing on a survival world, you should try to invite friends, they may help you with your journey!

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