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How to get better in CS:GO

So this is an article dedicated to help you in CS:GO. CS:GO (Counter Strike : Global Offense) is a game where you fight real people or bots in different modes and is one of the most competitive games of the year. I've put in more than 400 hours into CS:GO so now I will share with you my tips, :D. One way to get better in CS:GO is to learn the map. By learning the map i mean learning callouts like banana, mid, cat, short, long, etc. Callouts are crucial for telling your teammates something like "rotate b, bombers tunnels."
Another important aspect of studying the map is grenade spots. Grenades are important for something like smoking off a place where someone can snipe you or flash a place before you go there so when you see them they are blinded and you can kill them easily since they can't see you.
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Another way to get better is by communicating with your team. Communication is vital if you want to win because of many different reasons. For example, if you die, but you hurt the attacker. A box will pop-up saying something like "Damage Taken: 101 in 1 hit", then under "Damage Given: 58 Damage in 3 hits", so you then tell them your team that with a microphone or team chat. Now your team knows that they are lit, or hurt for 58 meaning they should switch to their pistol if he is the last guy since it would be easier to kill him. Another important thing to tell your teammates if your ts and what site your rushing or if your cts and tell your teammates which spot or site their going to defend. Grenades are also something you tell your teammates, like if your flashing tell your flashing so they won't get blinded by your flash or burnt by your incendiary.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And the third final thing you should keep in mid is to practice with bots. When you practice with bots they are good dummies that help you practice your aim while still not being killed as much by them as people would. Bots are programmed to have slow reaction times so you can practice to aim for the head, do flick ps shots, and more! You can also go to community maps to practice your aim where it's specifically designed to aim and give you weapons for free to try them out on. While I still have more space, I will give you little tips to help. 1. Adjust your crosshair, there are many community made maps to generate crosshairs that you like, maybe you want a different color, less of a gap, or no dot. 2. You should know all the weapons and the costs of them so you know which weapon to switch out for the right situation. 3. Stay calm. If your nervous, it will make your muscles harder to focus on one target and don't rage if you do. Remember if you win, the other team loses so you shouldn't feel bad about yourself when you do lose because we all do.
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