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League of Legends
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A small message to all new players

Hello, readers!

I address this small ''review'' of some sorts towards all the new-coming players to this game!

I am not in any way, shape or form a guru of this game or think that I know it all. I am simply here to relay some of my over 4 years of experience playing this game!

Sure, it may sometimes get old with the same thing happening all over again, but if you have friends to play with it automatically gets more fun!

My favorite part about League would have to be the loot and skins because that is something that makes me play more in order to get some of the rewards.

I am a competitive person and having loot boxes there is really nice!

Sometimes I might get tilted, but you, always remember - never be offensive to your teammates. Take a deep breath and continue playing!

If it's really going bad, then perhaps suggest your team to surrender and take some time off to calm down! I used to type in the chat like crazy if someone did something wrong or played a bad move, but now I've taken my own advice to take a deep breath and continue playing!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Another one of the most compelling parts of League is, of course, the competitive part!

There are also bunch of championships happening all around and it's so intriguing to even listen to them and see how the pros play! Makes my heart dance!
I don't usually play competitive because as I said before, I am a competitive person, and if something happens to not go my way I can get a bit tilted and then I am i a bad mood the rest of the game (unless I pop off!!) and it's a very bad thing! You should always keep a look-out for any mistakes that the enemy team can make and you can punish them for that! You might just get a kill or two and some extra gold!

My main lanes/roles in League that I gladly go for are Middle, Bottom or Support, with some Jungle from time to time. I have the biggest winrate with the first three though! Thouuuugh I am also always looking for a chance to improve my skills in other lanes!

I really used to focus on my main champions and had an objective to get them to the highest mastery skill as soon as possible, not to mention, get a skin for them as well! (As of now, my mains are/used to be: Miss Fortune (I bought the Gun Goddess skin and it was SO WORTH IT she's so beautiful <33), Lux (Got the Elementalist skin in a loot box, lucky!!), Janna, Xayah (I fell in love with her at first sight, have the Cosmic Dusk skin!) and Ahri! (Ahri was my first main ever! Love my fox girl <3. It gives me flashbacks to the days when I practically just started playing League of Legends and I played ONLY Ahri (with some exceptions of Ashe) for a WHOLE season! And not even in mid, but as a support!

I know, sounds ridiculous, but it actually worked sometimes!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I owe all my current skills of League to my own wish to play it so often (can't get enough!) and my friends and classmates who were always supportive but gave constructive criticism whenever I did something wrong! They were such awesome teachers, and it was so fun!

We used to always play League after school in our own little group of friends and I wish I could go back to those days :)

I have seen a lot of people on the internet saying that League is bad in some way, I don't disagree, that it's gotten old and that it's the same thing over and over again. Sure, it gets a little old at some point, but the Riot Games team in these past few years or so have been working so hard to make the game as enjoyable as possible! They have added numerous events to the game, game-modes, other types of loot + special loot, new champions, lots of reworks, in-depth stories for the characters and a super big and interesting lore (seriously, you should check it out!). And it's all so well planned!

The art is beautiful, the gameplay is intriguing, the loot boxes are motivating and the champion skins are AWESOME.

Come and try it out for yourself! It's free

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