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Blood and Iron aka. The game that will make you ragequit :)

Hello fellow gamers, today, i will be speaking about my favorite game called: Blood and Iron. If you ever played Mount and Blade: Napoleonic wars, you will love this game. You can play as different factions like Duchy of Warsaw, Duchy of Nassau, Kingdom of Britain or Russia, but there are more factions in the game waiting for you! The game starts, you have to choose a side, wich is either faction 1 or faction 2. Then you can choose from a variety of regiments, a lot of them are not the same! every regiment has a job to do. Sappers have to build bases, mobilize houses and kill the enemies with their huge axes. Rankers have a musket, wich means they will have to outsnipe the enemy. Musicians have to stay back with people, who have muskets, rifles-(rifleman) and a pistol-(officer), because the give reload buffs. Flag bearers have to stay back to not get killed, perfect if combined with sappers and swords. The game has about 14 maps, and 8 factions. Anyways, this game is very good. 10/10 bananas.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now, lets talk about the maps. The first map that you will probably spawn at will be Falenty. At this map, you have a church, wich would be perfect if you would mobilize it. Mobilizing it means having a sapper reinforcing it.

There is a swamp there, that if you have a green or black unifourm, you could snipe people from there and get some free kills. There is a small forest at the other side of the village. Perfect for outsniping, too. Nothing too much there, only some trees. You can always mobilize any house you come across. But what if, there was a map with no cover? Take a look at Grasslands. Even the name calls out, that there will be nothing but grass. On this map, you will see nothing but cavalry and sappers. Cavalry is perfect here, cause they have nowhere to go to be protected, but if the enemies have a sapper, wich is the favorite class here on grasslands, you will get fricked, because, they can build stakes, wich one hits your horse. You can fix this by being a lancer, because the lance has very good reach.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

In the end, i just want to say, even if you are not interested in this game, give it a shot! Even tho the main person behind the project has quitted working on it, it is still a pretty good game, if you wouldnt enyoy the fights, you will enyoy the music or cavalry. There are thousands of ways to clutch a match, there are thousands of ways how to build as a sapper, perhaps you will like the triple fence, Perfect for musketers to outsnipe enemies, or the triple barricade, this is only if your friends have to escape and you will give them enough time, or classic sandbags, you can do whatever you can to win the battles againts your enemy. if you try this after my review, remember that every man on the battlefield has his unique role and he has to play it so his enemies are crushed and his comrades are victorious! Mobilize houses, outsnipe your rivals, fight for victory, fight to the death, never surrender, play your role and help your comrades in need. If you are a sapper and you see your comrade, who needs cover for reload, cover him! Be victorious, gamers! uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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