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The white door review Pc, Pros and Cons

The white door is a pc plot heavy puzzle game with mystery and dark themes that is coupled with a Hand-drawn, indie design. The plot and gameplay begins relatively simple and colourless however the game does get quite challenging in following levels if you are not familiar with the game I highly suggest having a walkthrough handy. The game is satisfying but relatively short and can be played in one couple hour long play session which makes it a good pick of gamers that do not have the time and or patience to commit to a long gameplay or multiple sessions. The plot however is intricate and the most complex point and its best feature in my opinion as it is enrapturing and way more emotional than expected from such games making it unique in this aspect, this however does contain very dark themes of mental health struggles particularly suicide and traumatic events so if you are triggered or upset by this or a part of a younger audience of 16 or under this game would not be recommended for you.

The game starts with the protagonist in a white room with all the essential things you would find in a room and you guessed it a white door; you perform your seemingly normal tasks, however you seem to have no memory of how arrived in this location and what is going on. When the protagonist falls asleep every night they regain small parts of their lost memory completed via by the gamer helping perform the action that got them there in the dream/memory. However as you gain insight into the past that lead you here the game gets increasingly sinister until the climax of the story up until the end of the plot when it gains a hopeful yet emotional ending. This game is truly an emotional rollercoaster and very underrated considering the effort clearly put into making this puzzle game and quality of the game as a whole. I cannot speak of the price as I got it as part of a bundle for a cheaper price however I would be willing to pay full price for the experience even despite it's length.

While the tasks somewhat stay the same but do change slightly and increase in difficulty as you continue, this continues up to point when the tasks dramatically change to adapt to the much more sinister tone the game takes on as you finally recover the majority of the past as you and the protagonist spiral into the story and its co-occurring darkness. The art style goes from simplistic in the opening to vivid, bright and tasteful in the dream sequences yet also has the duality of in parts being ominous and dark and giving a uneasy and borderline disturbing feel that adds to the emotional effects the game has as a whole. I also have to give special kudos to the voice acting present in the game as a whole as it really adds to the feel and was very easy to listen to, comprehend and overall truly helps bring this game to life. To conclude if you are seeking a quick playing puzzle game with an emotional twist I highly recommend you take a chance and peek at what’s behind the white door.

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