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My Decade-long experience

To start this article off I would like to say that I really do love Minecraft for personal and aesthetic reasons. This is a game I truly love, I had a lot of my great memories on this game and is one of my favorite games of all-time, it truly set the boundary for indie-survival games, and survival games in general.

Firstly, I want to talk about how the game changed my perception of creativity. Minecraft allowed me to be creative and think of solutions to problems I wouldn't normally think about, be it normal placing of pixel blocks or creating a simple contraption with redstone. What I'm saying is you can create answers for basic or advanced problems, for example, you can manually farm your crops, or you can create timed redstone contraptions to farm themselves for you. But for every great solution comes another set of problems, this means to create a redstone contraption for your farm means you have to record how fast or slow a type of crop will take to time the contraption.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play


Minecraft made me bond with my friends much more.

Me and my friends still play Minecraft to this day and we wouldn't be closest of chums if it weren't for this god-given gift.

If this game didn't exist I probably would've never enjoyed the company of my friends in Middle School and High School or even be able to communicate in an interesting and undeniably fun manner.

Minecraft allowed me to join my friends in an adventure through fiction and the amazing world/s of Minecraft.

Be it the Overworld, The Nether, or the End, there will always be a great ordeal of challenges and a myriad of treasure to be uncovered. The game has secrets to be uncovered, places to be discovered, items to be crafted, and what's great about Minecraft is that you can bring your friend along with it.

You truly won't experience full, and peak Minecraft if you don't have a friend or relative play with you.

The world you create is your domain, but not every domain is free of danger.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Third, and lastly; Minecraft is a decade old with a very high player base.

This means that through thick and thin alot of people stuck by it.

To add to this, this means that the game is so fun that even for ten years they still kept a player base fit for a new triple-A title.

Another addition to this fact means that, this game is a very polished, well-thought out, well-planned, universally claimed, title.

The community is so tight-knit and polite that it creates a hub for good, friendly, and somewhat competitive people wherein anybody can join and play along.

Servers like Mineplex keep the multiplayer aspect of this community afloat, so I recommend you check the server/s out whenever you can, it holds a myriad of minigames and roleplaying where everyone is invited and very much welcome to.

So long story short, I believe this game is so great, and updated so greatly that managed to reignite its former flame from it's hay-days, boasting over one-hundred and seven million copies, this game is a start for every gamer and non-gamer alike to enjoy.

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