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What is Minecraft and why you should get it!

Minecraft is a great game for people that love building or surviving, there are 4 game modes to play

(Hardcore, Creative, Hardcore & Survival) all of them are a lot of fun. I suggest downloading Minecraft as there are unlimited options on what you can do, best thing is though that you can play online with friends like Bedwars where you have to protect your bed and destroy others beds.They also keep updating Minecraft which is great as in 1.15 there adding bees which is very exciting. You can do a lot in minecraft you can build cute little houses or a huge sky scraper it all up to you in this article I will explain the two main game modes survival and Creative which are the two most popular game modes in Minecraft, you can change your world when charting it make a flat hills so no tress and hills spawn and you can build your city without digging all of the dirt out which is very handy and a great feature to Minecraft, mobs are huge part of Minecraft to which ads a challenge as some are stronger then others.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Survival: If you love a small challenge go play survival its a fun gamemode you have to gather resources like ores, there will be mobs (If your difficulty is set to "Peaceful" there will be no mobs) you will also lose hunger so get ready to gather some seeds or meat, with ores you can craft better armour, pickaxes, swords and more, when killing mobs/animals don't spam your sword as you will do less damage swing your sword and wait for 1 second and swing it again your damage will increase by doing so. If you die you will lose all your items and spawn back at spawn (You can change your spawn by sleeping in a bed). Survival is also a lot of fun as you can explore a lot of different biomes some are rare some are common also villages spawn you can trade with them. The Mushroom biome is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft, when milking them with a bowl you will get a mushroom stew, a another rare biome is the coral reef biome you can find coral blocks and break them to receive the blocks you will need a silk touch pickaxe though and never place them out of water or else they will die.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Creative: Is a game mode where you can fly and you don' have to get resources you just have to press "e" and there will be a big menu and you can choose any block you would like to have, you can build a small house or even a whole city depends on you, if you would like to play with friends get a server which sadly does cost money (You can open lan but you and your friend have to be on the same WiFi, you can find some good tutorials on the internet) so let your creativity start and build a huge city or a bunker its up to you! Redstone is also a fun thing you can use, build doors, fountains and more Redstone is what I love doing in Minecraft you can experiment with it and build some cool contraptions with it, I recommend you with some tutorials to know how to build some simple things ans than well its up to you again build a huge tomato that talks with you and walks, so just have fun!

Hope you know understand what Mincraft is all about so go get it and have fun!

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