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Star Wars The Old Republic
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SWTOR can be a great game if you find a great group of players!

I have played this game since it launched (Founder title) in Dec 2011 as my first trinity-role MMO and, for quite awhile, did not have that great of an experience until I found friendly, helpful, and productive guilds. Currently, with the number of adequately populated servers dwindling, it can be easy to come back to the game and find out your server/guild is dead. Fortunately, a server transfer is (at least for now) still 90 Cartel Coins. The class stories are worth playing through at least once, and now that there has been a change in leadership regarding the developers and staff a lot of meaningful QoL issues are being addressed.

The in-depth details gathered over time and information that you can find on Jedipedia show a lot more than what meets the eye while playing some of the content.
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That means that not all of the content is created equally. In this 5.x most recent expansion, players are seeing a level of difficulty with end game content that has been missing for quite some time. Mind you, some people who were really hardcore into the endgame might still find that there isn't as much of a challenge as there was in the game's beginning, but I think it is definitely headed back on track for growth and promising updates. The new operation bosses are actually fresh and quite entertaining/challenging, especially at first or with players new to them. I look forward to what the next ones will contain as they are released, because what we have currently is a good test of situational awareness and ability to follow directions at any given time.
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If anything here sparked or rekindled an interest in this game, it does have a limited F2P model that may be enough to get you hooked and wanting to enjoy the full game with some new friends.

Genuine offer, not spam:
If you are on (or may transfer to) the Jedi Covenant server and want/need a large, knowledgeable guild, please consider if Republic Alliance/Imperial Allegiance would be a good fit for you! We have currently almost 1000 characters in each faction, approximately 100 separate, qualifying accounts for the guild bonuses. Anybody that is willing to sign up/apply through our guild website, respects other people, is willing to learn, and wants a guild that has quality standards should contact us as soon as possible!
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