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The Escapists 2: Center Perks 2.0 Perimeter Breakout

The Escapists 2 is a game about a prisoner trying to escape prison. Was he wrongfully put in jail? Did he steal food from someone else's fridge? Well, this post isn't about speculating about why our character was put in prison but instead escaping it. Today I will be showing you guys and gals how to escape Center Perks 2.0. The method I'll be showing is called Perimeter Breakout it's relatively easy and can be done on single player mode. Before we start, I want to give a quick rundown on some information which will come handy. The map may seem "really huge," but in reality, if you played it for like one hour, you'll get the hang of things pretty much instantly. The guards in Center Perks 2.0 don't necessarily chase you around unless you did something terrible. The dogs can sniff you out if you have contraband and will alert guards. Snipers are always on during the day, and they turn off at around 1 AM. Raising the opinion of inmates will lower their prices for you when buying stuff from them. That should get you enough knowledge to get a kick-start to the game. Hope you enjoy it!
Perimeter Breakout
The first thing you should do is get your intellect up to 60, as you need to craft the Wad of Putty and Molten Plastic. One thing you should do but is still optional is getting your strength level to around 70.
After getting your intellect up, you should make a bed dummy and place it in your bed.
Then create a Wad of Putty and Molten Plastic. These are pretty easy to craft if you use your free time and job time for scavenging through prisoners stashes. (Remember to craft Molten Plastic you need a Lighter (1x) and a Comb / Toothbrush (1x) and to craft Wad of Putty you need Tub of Toothpaste (1x) and Talcum Powder (1x), and you should be pretty much good to go.)
After getting a Wad of Putty and Molten Plastic knock out a guard who has the purple key above his head in the map. Take his key and put it in the crafting menu with the Wad of Putty. Voila! You got yourself a fake purple key. Now make sure to put the real key back in the guard's pocket just in time before the medics come or it's Lockdown. You'll also need to steal the guard's outfit and his weapon. Next craft some Sturdy Cutters and you're good to go now!

So now that you've got all the items needed the tricky part is executing it correctly. Failing to do so will initiate Lockdown and you'll have to restart the process.

Attend the 22:00 PM Roll Call and immediately rush to your cell and get your items. (If you didn't put the dummy on the bed now is the best time to do so.) Then get out of your cell and wait around till 1 AM because the Sniper / Guard Towers are disabled then and you can chip, dig, cut. Head towards the Library / Music room and use the purple key to go out. Then use the Sturdy Cutters and cut the fence. You do need to know that guards are patrolling and there is a spotlight. Regardless of your outfit, the prison will still go into lockdown if you get caught. If done correctly you should've now escaped Center Perks 2.0. Good Job, time to give yourself a pat on the back!
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