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War Thunder Review

Gameplay- I have been playing War thunder for a little while now and i can safely say that it is a real enjoyable game that is very easy to just pick up and be able to do good. There are different types of game modes to fix every indiviuals playstyle such as arcade, realistic and simulation mode. The gameplay is smooth, taking away all unnecessary things. The visuals are really great when looking out the plane window and seeing the horizon. War thunder, via its gameplay, makes a clear statement about what it wants the game to be about, which is flying. In that sense they succeed greatly, but as you will read later on, this is the only area in which the game really shines. There is two types of forces you are able to try out. You can take the skies and control a number of fighter planes or control the ground and drive tanks. Game types range from Domination to Ground Attack, and each has multiple objectives for different roles to complete, so you aren’t stuck doing the same thing repeatedly.
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As described above there are two types of modes arcade and realistic. Arcade mode you play in two teams, and everyone can chose what planes they like, but the planes are very simplified in terms of damage models and physics. In Arcade mode you can either play “Ground Strike” mode which involves killing ground troops, shooting down airplanes and bombing airfields. Or you play “Domination” mode, which is just like any other domination mode where you hold objectives, or airfields in this case. The Realistic mode on the other hand is less merciful the planes are in line to what they would of been like in wwii it is much easier to get shot down and planes dont respawn. There will be objectives similar to the real battles. Realistic mode is where this game really shines and makes decision making much more important as there is no respawns.
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If you do like soaring through the sky while an enemy is trying to shoot you down, this is the game for you. If you do like building model planes and learning all you can about world war airplanes, this is the game for you. If you don’t care about a steep learning curve or an awful menu, this is the game for you. But if you want to do more with your flying skills then evade and kill other players, look elsewhere. And if you like customization and like to change what you fly with or how it looks, be prepared to pay a lot for it, or look elsewhere. War Thunder is a solid flying shooter that is a must for flying enthusiasts. The pros and cons of this game are as followed:

Pros: Immersive gameplay
: Solid Game
: Easy to follow
: different playstyles
: Able to play as tanks or aircrafts

Cons: Navigating Menus
: Can be difficult to newcomers
5.0 (1)
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