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World of Tanks
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World of tanks review

This game is pretty fun. In this game, 7 tanks vs 7 tanks. The objective of this game is to destroy the enemy's tank with your team mates. In this process, you have to try not to get killed. After each battle, you get money so that you can pay for the amount of bullets you used. This money can also be used to buy and upgrade your tank. In addition to money, after every battle, you get experience points. Experience points can be used to upgrade your turret mound, your turret, your engine and your tank's tracks. Upgrading your turret mound will mean that your tank can rotate its turret faster. Upgrading your turret means that your bullet shells do more damage. Upgrading your engine will increase your health and increase movement speed. Upgrading tracks will increase your tank's speed.
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You can choose between many tanks. There are Russian tanks, German tanks, French tanks, American tanks, British tanks and Japanese tanks. Each type has a unique ability. For example, Russian tanks are mostly strong but not as fast. American tanks are agile, do medium damage and have a decent amount of health. Japanese tanks have a good amount of health, do medium damage and are not very fast. German tanks, do a lot of damage, are agile but have low health. British tanks have quite a lot of health, don't do a lot of damage and are really slow. French tanks are slow, don't do a lot of damage and have a good amount of health. Choosing a tank of your preference depends on what you like. Do you like fast tanks? Do you like tanks that do a lot of damage? Do you like tanks that can withstand a ton of bullets.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Communication is key in this game. There are several buttons which allow you to communicate with each other. In the game, you also should stay next to your teammates so you can double team someone. Attacking somebody together can maximize your team's ability to crush your opponents faster. There should also be a scout for your team. This means that one player on your team should go around the map looking/scouting where the enemy is. Even though this may lead to a sacrifice, you can tell your team where they are and so the enemy won't have the element of surprise. There is a chat button where you can collaborate with your team and discuss your plans for the battle. You can target which enemies you want to attack and your team mates will be able to see it. Each game takes about 5-10 minutes which is quite fast. This game is a lot of fun!
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