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Why buying a PC is more convenient than a console

(Today I proposed an article for English friends, in the hope that they will be there. The article in question is "Perchè comprare un Pc conviene più di una console", one of my most viewed and popular articles I've ever published. I leave you to read.)

In this article I will explain clearly why a PC is much more convenient than a console, and not vice versa, just to dispel that myth of "but the console is more convenient because the computer costs thousands of money, it is not necessary to play a lot. gne "and other similar reasons stupid and quite ignorant. Obviously, I don't take into account the tastes, if you want to play The Last Of Us on your PS you can do it safely. This article is more addressed to you, a novice player, if in any case one day you will ask yourself this question and you will be undecided, and I will explain to you simple simple what is the most convenient but best quality choice, without making you throw money at wind. Without too much chatter, let's get started!

The serious mistake in the economic comparison between a console is a pc and not taking into account long term purchases. Put this way it can be difficult. We do the calculations:

Consider the purchase price of both: a console is significantly less expensive than a pc. We set prices.
Console: € 300 (Obviously this is an indicative price, it can cost more or less depending on what you choose)
PC: 1000 € (Pure this indicative price, a PC can cost less or more based on your badget and your needs, but we understand each other)

At first glance, the console is much cheaper than a PC, a good € 700 in this case, and it may seem that the PC is a bad choice, but it is not. If you see the graph you will notice that at some point the PC is much more convenient than the console, and the advantage that the console had was eclipsed, so to speak. But how do you quantify this point?

In principle, a console is bought to play games, not just demos and Free to play. Apart from strange cases, a gamer buys games for his game system. So let's explain the economics of these games.

A console game at launch costs an average of € 70 (always indicative price, to make you understand the concept), however there are other online methods such as Amazon, which "discount" the game, like in this case € 55. This is a console player.
On steam, the alleged game will cost € 60 on Steam, but if we do a quick search on the Internet we will discover that there are sites like Instant Gaming or Humble bundle where you can find digital keys to redeem on steam, and these keys in most cases it will cost € 30.
Let's say you buy 6 games a year: if you bought the console, it will cost € 330, instead if you bought a PC it will cost you € 180, a difference of € 150 for the PC player. Let's assume that you will keep your console for 5 years given the duration of the generations, so we multiply € 150 x 5 years and there will be: € 750 saved by the PC player. As you can see, we have reached that point of which I spoke earlier.

In addition, I add that online on consoles you pay € 50 a year, while on PC it is free. So, even if we calculate this, for the online for 5 years they will cost another 250 €.
You can also understand from yourself it has gained more between the two guys here.
However, I add that a console is more convenient if you want to play a few titles a year, and among these there are exclusives.

And this article also ended. I hope I have been helped. If you liked this guide or this new format, leave 5 stars to suppot me. If you want to give me some advice, leave it in the comments. If you want another guide like this, just tell me in the comments, I will do it as soon as possible. Hello.

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