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Free scifi games

Free sci-fi games

For the science fiction nuts, the gaming world has a whole genre of gameplay to offer. Science fiction games are complex games, with intricate storylines set in mystical environments and futuristic settings within the game. Sci-fi games are often a mix of fantasy and action strategy games that cater to the whims and wants of almost every gamer.

Science fiction games require players to enter alternate dimensions placed in other worlds and planets and take control of the characters within the game to overcome a set of futuristic challenges and missions. Most of these games are multiplayer, but also allow players to play in single player mode against the enemies generated by the game itself.  Many sci-fi games are based on popular novels and movies of the same genre and are often theme based.

To avoid the hassle of playing games at a costly price by buying or renting them manually or purchasing them online, players can simply access free sci-fi games online.

To access free games off of the internet, one has to know the gaming hotspots. Free sci-fi games including Entropia Universe, Star Trek Online of course and Dark Orbit can be played through gaming websites like Bananatic, or downloaded off the internet onto personal devices as apps. To play free games online, one simply needs to access these gaming websites that have their own currency like bananas to earn. These websites have a vast collection of free sci-fi games that can be available for free play at the click of a button.