How does it work?

How to get free gold

World of Tanks is a 3D free to play combat game that is developed and published by Wargaming. The game became available to audiences in 2010 and then expanded around the world as its popularity grew. Introduced first as a PC game, Wot is now available for players on Ps4, Xbox and PCs.


The game is set in a battle zone, with players in control of some war vehicles that battle each other for victory. Players are allowed to choose their vehicle at the start and during the game, and can customise their choice as they like throughout gameplay. Once the account is made, players are placed in a random location where they can test their abilities against other players and earn gold and game points.


Gold is the in-game currency employed by Wot, which gives the players access to special features within the game. Gold can be earned within the game or bought online via the game shop. The biggest question about the game is how to get free gold. Free gold can be attained during gameplay in a variety of ways. Small sums of the currency are given upon completing of ordinary tasks and in-game functions. Users can win gold by taking part in challenges and tournaments or by winning rewards that can be refunded for gold.


Once players have access to gold, they can buy premium accounts, create clans, purchase premium equipment and game points.


Players registered with Bananatic can earn XP and bananas, the latter of which can be turned into WoT gold on their site. First, bananas need to be won by spending time on the Bananatic site or by completing quests in top games like World of Tanks. These challenges may include taking part in a tank battle or tournament.