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A quick guide to Wizard101 Pets

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG for short!) that was originally created in 2008 by KingsIsle Entertainment. It has proved to be enormously popular, with over 50 million individual accounts being reported to have been created in 2014. In the game, the players take on the roles of students at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. You learn all the necessary spells and skills here to help you save the Spiral from various threats. The Spiral is the galaxy where the game is set. 




Players battle against enemies using different weapons and spells in a turn-based combat system that is similar to card games. When you first start the game, you have to choose a school – Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death or Balance. Each of these schools has their own spells. While the game is largely based around turn-based duels, there are various hobbies you can get involved with too.  These include fishing, gardening and looking after pets. We’re going to have a look at Wizard101 pets in this article.


Wizard101 Pets

Some players in Wizard101 don’t go in for pets. But having a good pet can be an absolute game changer. Wizard101 pets can give you a whole bunch of really handy stats and talents, so they’re definitely worth your time. Wizard101 pets come from loads of different sources, but most often you are able to buy them through one of the many vendors in the Spiral. Some bosses in the game also drop them, or give them as rewards from certain quests. In some quests, the option to enter into other quests that will end up providing you with pets is also possible. Wizard101 pet quests are available at level 48, 58, 78, 98 and 118. You’re also able to hatch your own pet and even hatch Wizard101 pets with other wizards’ pets to create a hybrid!


Pet levels

Wizard101 pets always start off as babies. To progress to a teen, it will need 125 pet XP, which basically continues for all the different levels of the pet’s life. 


  • Baby to Teen – 125XP
  • Teen to Adult – 250XP
  • Adult to Ancient – 525XP
  • Ancient to Epic – 1050XP
  • Epic to Mega – 2125XP
  • Mega to Ultra – 2250XP


Every level your pet gains will give it a new talent (apart from when leveling up from Mega to Ultra). It’s worth avoiding leveling up to Ultra too quickly though. These involve Talents. 


Wizard101 pets – Talents

There are several types of Talents that your pet can achieve. Your pet will be born with a set of Talents, especially if it is a ‘first generation’ pet. If a pet has hatched with another pet, the Talents of the new pet are mixed from its parents. The most notable talent categories are as follows:


Wizard Stat Boost Talents

These help with resistance, healing, damage and the rest of your character’s statistics. 

May Cast Talents

  • These automatically cast a bunch of different spells, like global spells, charms, wards, heals or auras, amongst many, many others.

Selfish Talents

  • These boost the Wizard101 pet’s statistics – they don’t really benefit you as the wizard much though.

Combat Talents

  • Very similar to May Cast Talents, but you can actually cast spells on command.

Adventure Talents

  • You use these whilst exploring the Spiral. Wizard101 pets can only have one at a time though. Their function is to be able to retrieve items like chests and reagents.


There are certain Jewel Talents that require your pet to be Ultra, so it’s only worth leveling up to Ultra if you  need one of these Talents.


Pets and Snacks

Just like a pet in real life, you’ll have to feed your Wizard101 pet! There’s a variety of snacks you can choose from, and choosing the right one will impact how much your pet grows. Make sure you pick snacks that will help boost the stats that, in turn, will help your pet’s Talents. The best snacks to go for give 50-60 EXP, commonly known as Mega Snacks. Gardening is the best way of making these Mega Snacks. Wizard101 pets will also have their favorite snacks – you’ll probably have to try out a few different types of snack to see which ones your pet likes best. Snacks also give your Wizard101 pets happiness, which is a really important stat along with Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will and Power.


A Wizard’s Best Friend

So there’s a quick guide to Wizard101 pets. Lots of people wonder whether they are worth the time and effort, and in short, we say that they absolutely are! There is no doubting that Wizard101 pets are tricky though – they take some looking after and keeping happy. However, the rewards that a good pet can give you are really important, and can make or break a wizard. So keep on training your Wizard101 pets, and why not take it a step further and hatch some yourself?



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