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A quick guide to Wizard101 Schools

Released back in 2008 by KingIsle Entertainment, Wizard101 is a hugely popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) featuring over 50 million accounts having been accounted for. As the player, you are a student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, and you have to protect the in-game universe, the Spiral, from evil forces and enemy threats. When you first start off in the game, you have to carefully choose from a list of Schools that you wish to join. As there are quite a few different Schools, it can be tricky to figure out which one to choose. Read on for a quick guide to Wizard101 Schools.



Wizard101 Schools

There are 7 different Wizard101 Schools for you to choose from. These are Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, Myth, Life and Death. In Wizard101, there are 2 different types of magic – Elemental and Spiritual. Fire, Ice, Storm and Balance are part of the Elemental category of magic, and Spiritual features Myth, Life, Death and Balance as well. Balance is a whole different type of magic, and can fit into the two different categories. Each school has its own spells and pets, as well as shoes, robes, hats, wands, amulets, rings and daggers. We’ll go through each of the Wizard101 Schools, giving you a quick guide to the Wizard101 Schools. 


Fire School

Often seen as one of the strongest Wizard101 Schools, the students at the Fire School are known as Pyromancers. Students are smart, tempestuous, quick to anger and have great passion and enthusiasm. Students learn spells that do damage over time – initially the spells won’t be that effective but they stack up for possible large amounts of damage. Stunning is also another one of the key spells in this particular Wizard101 School. 


Ice School

The students of this Wizard101 School are known as Thaumaturges and they learn to embrace and harness the power of Ice. They learn to use Chants to bargain or plead with Ice creatures to serve them, as well as to take a high amount of damage and survive. Out of all the Wizard101 Schools, the students of the Ice School have the highest natural health points and defenses.


Storm School

Diviners, as the students of the Storm School are known as, are driven by the thrill of investigation, invention, ingenuity and discovery. They use Verses to charm, enthrall or hypnotize creatures to come to their aid. Other than that, Diviners are taught spells that cause a lot of damage – often without a focus on accuracy. Out of all the Wizard101 Schools, they have the least amount of health points as well.


Balance School

This is one of the more unique Wizard101 Schools. Straddling the line between Elemental and Spiritual magic, harmony and equality between all things is what drives this particular Wizard101 School. Because of the combination of Elemental and Spiritual magic, it can be a difficult school to master, but once you do get to grips with it, it is arguably the most powerful of the Wizard101 Schools, and having a student of the Balance School as an ally can lead to a quick victory.


Myth School

Moving onto the Wizard101 Schools that focus on Spiritual magic. The Myth School trains its students, who are known as Conjurers, primarily in the summoning of 4 distinct types of minions, who each have a different function. They’re also great at taking down defenses of other players, and their primary magical focus is on functional spells such as healing and protecting. 


Life School

Positivity, enthusiasm and appreciation of the simple pleasures are the defining characteristics in this Wizard101 School. The students, who are more commonly known as Theurgists, can also be flighty and frivolous when circumstances get the better of them. Songs are used by Theurgists to breathe life into things, using the Song of Creation to create something new. Healers first and foremost, they are also capable of doing moderate damage attack spells that have extremely high accuracy rates. Out of all the Wizard101 Schools, the students of the Life School are the most social, charming and spiritual.


Death School

Out of all the Wizard101 Schools, the Death School has some of the most complex spells in the game. Combinations of spells work best with this school, and often work best with blades and traps. The students are known as Necromancers, and learn every type of spell, except for the ones that affect all friends. Necromancers have good accuracy as well, making them a formidable foe and a powerful friend.


Back to School

There’s a quick guide to the Wizard101 Schools. We didn’t mention the Balance School along with the other Spiritual magic schools, as the Balance School, as we mentioned, straddles both magics. The choice of school at the end of the day is up to you, as the player – so which one will you choose?



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