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Cuisine Royale Tips and Tricks

Cuisine Royale is a brutal multiplayer ‘last man standing’ shooter game that features realistic weaponry, mystic traps, and demonic rituals. Effectively your classic ‘battle royale’ game with a few extra bells and whistles thrown in for good measure! There are a few differences with this game compared to other Battle Royale games, however.



Cuisine Royale: Basics

Cuisine Royale differs from other Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in that there is a maximum of 50 players on the server when the game starts, there aren’t any proper airdrops, and you spawn randomly on the map, you mostly have access to WW2 weapons (with a few exceptions), you can use an in-game currency (called ‘souls’) to cast abilities and draw mystic signs, and you have access to special equipment. 


As with other Battle Royale games, you can either play solo or in squads of friends (up to 4). It’s also worth noting that the game fills the match with bots as well, with solo games being mainly filled with bots (sometimes as many as 25). This may be a cause for concern, but on the whole, the bots don’t have particularly good aim, nor do they carry any loot. In short - you spawn, you loot, you survive.


Read on for some top tips and tricks to consider when playing Cuisine Royale.


Cuisine Royale: Tips and Tricks

There’s a lot to consider with Cuisine Royale, and the more Cuisine Royale tips you have, the better your game will be! Here’s a round-up of some Cuisine Royale tips and tricks.



Fighting is the name of the game in Cuisine Royale, so the more tips and tricks you have at your disposal for combat, the better. 

  • There are lots of things you can use as cover in the game, but it’s worth knowing that doors and windows can be destroyed. 
  • Reloading is a noisy business, so if you’re trying to sneak up on someone, switch to another gun or make sure you’ve reloaded. 
  • Always aim for areas on your enemy that aren’t armored - legs, arms, and head! 
  • If you make it near the end of the game, with only you and a couple of others left, never shoot first - this will give away your position.   


Like most Battle Royale games, you’ll want to be on the move a fair bit. Here’s a few tips with moving about.

  • If you see a body you want to loot, don’t rush over and loot it straight away - scope out the area first, just in case there’s an enemy lying in wait
  • You make the least amount of noise when you move whilst crouching
  • Moving when you are prone makes the most noise, so if you go prone, be sure to stay still
  • Never move with your rifle equipped - it’s better to have a sub-machine gun or shotgun equipped in case you meet an enemy


Looting is the best way to get your hands on all sorts of items that the other players might be carrying about. 

  • Villages with open doors have probably already been looted. If you desperately need some items, you can see what’s left, but otherwise, you will probably not find anything
  • On the subject of houses in villages, remember that the houses also have attics, and they’re often not looted as people forget about them
  • There are certain places on the map where loot is more frequent - if you come across one of these places, it’s worth remembering where it is


No battle royale game worth its salt is anything without a large selection of weapons. And Cuisine Royale is no exception! Here are some Cuisine Royale tips and tricks with regards to weaponry.

  • Try to always have a submachine gun in your inventory - they’re undoubtedly the most useful weapon in the game!
  • If you find a gun on the floor, you can drag the bullets out of them as when they get dropped, they often have the clip still in
  • Try not to reload if you only have five bullets left in your magazine - it’s better to just throw the magazine away or fire off these bullets, so you don’t waste time with the reloading process


Here are some extra Cuisine Royale tips and tricks, to help you out in your matches!

  • If you come across an un-looted village, make sure you close the doors behind you and find a good hiding spot - enemies won’t expect you to be hiding, so it’s the perfect ambush plan
  • Fancy some sharp-shooting? You can climb on basically every roof in the game!
  • Be sure to use traps and rituals - it’s not worth getting killed off with 500 souls unspent
  • When a ritual has been used, you can see the location on the map

Final thoughts

So there’s a roundup of some Cuisine Royale tips and tricks. There’s obviously loads of other tactics you can use, but it’s largely up to you as the player to work out what works out best for you. These Cuisine Royale tips will certainly get you set up and ready to go though!



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