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Everything you need to know about CS:GO aim training

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO for those in the know!) has quickly become one of the most legendary and talked about online shooting games since its release in 2012. With the developers continuing to release operations and weapons into the game, as well as a myriad of user-generated maps, it’s a game that some people take pretty seriously. There are even professional competitions with prize money sometimes reaching $1,000,000! So all in all, we can agree that CS:GO is a pretty big deal. But how do you get from buying the game to winning $1,000,000? As with anything, practice makes perfect, and CS:GO is no different. 



One of the trickiest aspects in CS:GO, and the one that requires the most practice, is aiming. Aim training in CS:GO can be a challenging task. In particular, when you first start playing the game, it can seem like you’ve got absolutely no hope at all. But don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere! We take a look at all you need to know about CS:GO aim training and the CS:GO aim training server too.


Play a warm-up match

Warm-up matches can really help hone your skills and sharpen your aiming before a competitive game. The Deathmatch game mode can be really useful for getting your eye in, helping you to fully tune into the game, and train your eyes on the targets.


Developing muscle memory

Many of the pros often advise to not look at the screen and keep your focus on the crosshairs instead. This means that whenever you move your crosshair across the map, you’ll always have your target in sight. Keep on doing this, and you can get some surprising muscle memory – you may just find your crosshair automatically going towards an enemy as he appears!


Flick aim

There are two schools of thought when it comes to aiming in CS:GO – tracking aim, which is when you keep your crosshairs on a particular point even while moving, and flick aim, where you move your crosshair quickly between two targets. Flick aim also requires some muscle memory, but you can practice in a CS:GO aim training server.


Crouching effectively

Learning how and when to use crouch can really help with your aim too. When you crouch in CS:GO, the bullet spread decreases a bit, which you can use to your own advantage. Crouching is also a really good defensive tool, and if you use it effectively, you can make your enemies miss that all-important headshot.


CS:GO aim training server

Some people may choose to practice their skills in battle, but if you want to push to the pro level and not embarrass yourself in front of both friends and foe, you can log into the CS:GO aim training server. These maps can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop and come in many shapes and sizes. We take a look at a few of the most useful CS:GO aim training server maps below.

Aim Botz

This CS:GO aim training server is used by loads of the pros, so it may look familiar. This map is all about creating a practice experience that is about as close to the actual game as you can get. It’s particularly useful for practicing your headshots against moving targets.


Recoil Master

Basically designed to teach you everything you might need to know about the spray patterns of your favorite weapons. You can become a pro at all the weapons here, and after a bit of time in this CS:GO aim training server, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.



If you’ve had your way with Aim Botz and Recoil Master, then you’ll be wanting to practice your hand-eye coordination along with reaction time. And where better to do this than training_aim_csgo2. With all sorts of different modes and settings, you’ll be sure to find something to help you here.


Fast Aim & Reflex Training

This CS:GO aim training server is great for warm-ups and testing sensitivity settings. You against a horde of zombies? Sounds like the perfect place to test your fast aim and reflexes.


Training Bot Aim

With a focus on in-game scenarios, featuring moving bots and those infamous doors from Dust 2, the various props and obstacles will help you practice your peeks, all while being one of the closest CS:GO aim training servers that features real game scenarios.


Final thoughts

So there’s everything you might need to know about CS:GO aim training. Like we said at the beginning of the article, practice makes perfect, and when it comes to aim, it’s really important to practice. From the chaotic Deathmatch mode or practice, through to the slightly calmer CS:GO aim training server, how you practice your aim is up to you. If you’ve got some time on your hands, and want to polish up on your headshots, then some aim training is definitely a good idea! 



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