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Everything you need to know about Wizard101 gardening spells

Released back in 2008, Wizard101 is an online role-playing game where you, as the player, take on the role of a student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, in order to learn spells and eradicate any threat to the in-game galaxy known as the Spiral. It’s proved to be really popular, with a whopping 50 million + players reported to have accounts. It’s a really involved game where you have to learn spells, duel with enemies and engage in all sorts of different magical activities. There’s all sorts of different additional activities and hobbies that you can get involved in as well. One of the more important activities that you can engage in is gardening. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Wizard101 gardening spells.



Gardening – Wizard101

Gardening is really profitable, despite the effort it takes. You can get your hands on the all-important Mega Snacks which will keep your pets happy, and you can also get your hands on expensive treasure cards too. To start off your Wizard101 gardening experience, you’ll need to get the gardening quest, which you can only do from Level 12 onwards. This quest will give you a great walk-through about how to garden and tend to your plants. Once you’re all set up, this is where the Wizard101 gardening spells come into play.


Wizard101 gardening spells

Wizard101 gardening spells are incredibly useful for helping you to grow plants in your castle. There are many different types of spell that will help you to do different things to your gardens though, and these different gardening spells will be separated into types when you look for them in your spellbook. The basic types of Wizard101 gardening spells are as follows:


Pest Spells

These spells are used to remove pests (the name says it all!) and to also prevent plants from being attacked further by pests. These particular Wizard101 gardening spells are designed to get rid of pests ranked from Level 1 all the way to Level 7 – so pretty useful!


Soil Spells

These are used to create plots for plants on the outside of your castle. This will mean that you can plant seeds in them instead of using pots.


Growing Spells

Growing Spells are used to tend to plants through their journey from seed to elder. These spells will contribute to the general needs that the plants need, which are sun, rain, pollination, magic and music.


Utility Spells

These types of Wizard101 gardening spells are fairly different from the other ones, and they primarily deal with the manipulation of the plant at different stages.


Large Radius Spells

These Wizard101 gardening spells are only really available once you have a considerable gardening rank. However, if you do have a good ranking, you’ll absolutely want to invest in one of these spells, as they are super profitable, despite their price. They affect a large range of plants at once, which makes them super-efficient when farming a bunch of plants of the same type grouped together.


How do I get Wizard101 gardening spells?

Wizard101 gardening spells are quite different from other spells in the game, such as combat spells. You won’t need any training points to get your hands on gardening spells. Instead, you purchase your Wizard101 gardening spells using gold from specific vendors. These vendors are spread out throughout the Spiral, and they each have a different set of spells for you to learn, which allows you to grow and take better care of your garden. Overall, there are around 45 Wizard101 gardening spells that you can learn. That may not seem like many, but you’ll quickly come to realize that these gardening spells don’t come cheap – you’d need nearly 3,000,000 gold to buy them all! You don’t need to know them all to have a successful garden though – just choose the ones you really need for your garden based on the types of plants you want to grow.


Treasure Cards

As we mentioned earlier on in this article, you can also get hold of expensive treasure cards with your garden. These are really exclusive spells that you can use, and they can’t be bought for gold like the other Wizard101 gardening spells. The sources for these treasure cards are also quite variable, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for them. Some of the treasure cards can give your plants things like sun, rain, pollination, magic and music – all the things your plants need to be happy and healthy! 


Green fingers

That’s just about everything you need to know about Wizard101 gardening spells! Lots of players say that gardening isn’t really worth the faff, but if you put in a bit of time and effort, you can really reap the rewards – and understanding how the Wizard101 gardening spells work can be a real game changer. Plus, your pet will be absolutely thrilled to have an Evil Magma Pea to snack on!



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