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How OGame Astrophysics works

OGame is a browser-based, money-management and space-war themed online game. Another one to add to the list of massively-multiplayer browser games, OGame has garnered over 2 million accounts since it was created back in 2002 by Gameforge. Featuring over 52 different universes, with more being added over time, OGame is an amazingly dense game with lots of different facets to consider when playing. In each of these universes, you get subcategories of galaxies, systems and planet slots, which themselves are broken down into planets, moons and debris fields. All universes have up to 9 galaxies, and each galaxy has between 1 and 499 systems, with each system having 15 planet slots. Quite a lot to consider! You’re allocated a planet and have to go about establishing a society. You can even go off to populate other planets after a while, and to do this you need to upgrade your Astrophysics technology. Read on to find out about how OGame Astrophysics works. 



OGame Astrophysics

Research is one of the key elements of gameplay in OGame. There are lots of different things you need to research to progress in the game – unfortunately you can’t limit yourself to just buildings and battle units. By acquiring new knowledge through research, you’ll be able to build more powerful ships and colonize more planets. Astrophysics is one of the key technologies you need to research to take on some colonization missions. It’s always worth remembering to invest in research while upgrading your intergalactic empire! 



Most of the research is done in the handily-named Research Lab. You can see all the research you need to do here, and at the beginning, most of these will be colored grey. This means that other requirements haven’t been met to undertake that research – often your Research Lab has to be on a certain level to activate those other researches. You can only take on one research at a time, and they all take some time to research. The higher the level of the Research Lab though, the quicker the research. It’s also worth noting that each research level requires resources – Metal, Crystal and Deuterium. There are 16 different things to research, split into four distinct arrangements. Each of these has their own characteristics, from Laser Technology through to OGame Astrophysics.


Basic Research

  • Energy Technology – important for other researches and the Fusion Reactor
  • Laser Technology – required for some other researches and ships
  • Ion Technology – required for Cruisers
  • Hyperspace Technology – improves Intergalactic Research Network
  • Plasma Technology – important for Bombers and the Plasma Turret


Drive Research

  • Combustion Drive – Light Fighters, Espionage Probes, Recyclers, Small Cargos and Large Cargos all require the Combustion Drive
  • Impulse Drive – speeds up Small Cargos, Heavy Fighters, Colony Ships, Cruisers, Bombers, Recyclers and Interplanetary Missiles
  • Hyperspace Drive – Battleships, Battlecruisers, Destroyers, Deathstars, Bombers and Recyclers all use this drive


Advanced Research

  • Espionage Technology – used to build Espionage Probes, meaning you can spy on other players
  • Computer Technology – enables you to send one more fleet
  • OGame Astrophysics – this research impacts on expeditions as well as the number of colonies
  • Intergalactic Research Network – this allows you to connect several Research Labs and reduce the research time
  • Gravitation Technology – enables you to construct the Deathstar

Combat Research

  • Armor Technology – effectiveness of armor is increased
  • Weapons Technology – weapon strength of units is increased
  • Shielding Technology – the strength of shields is increased


So those are all the different levels of Research and Technology that you can access in OGame! We’re going to take a look at how OGame Astrophysics works.


OGame Astrophysics

OGame Astrophysics is an essential research to undertake if you want to go on expeditions and colonize other planets. To access the research for OGame Astrophysics, you need to have a Research Lab at Level 3, Energy Technology at Level 1, Impulse Drive at Level 3 and Espionage Technology at Level 4. The length of your expedition also depends on the level of your OGame Astrophysics too, and the amount of expedition missions you are allowed is based on the square root of your Astrophysics level. This means that with your OGame Astrophysics at Level 1, you get 1 fleet, at Level 4 you get 2 fleets, at Level 9 you get 3 fleets and so on. Colonization also requires OGame Astrophysics. To go and colonize another planet you only need your Astrophysics level at Level 1, but for each extra planet you need to have 2 extra levels of Astrophysics. To progress in the game, explore the maps, gather essential Dark Matter and to colonize other planets, OGame Astrophysics is essential.


To infinity and beyond

If you desire to go where no person has gone before and explore the furthest recesses of the many galaxies available to you in OGame, then you will need to keep your OGame Astrophysics level up. As we mentioned earlier, research is as important as combat and building upgrades, so make sure you keep your technologies up to date!



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