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How to play forge of empires - a beginners guide

Forge of Empires was developed by the excellent German studio Innogames, and it is a browser-based strategy game. With more than 150 million players in just 5 years of existence, Forge of Empires has been able to revive a concept of the human civilization’s evolution. Build your city from scratch and watch its growth and development throughout ages: fight other players and plunder their resources to develop even faster! Remember though, that in Forge of Empires the competition is fierce, and since the law of the strongest rules there, it’s in your interest to be well prepared at any time. The horde of enemies covet your treasure and will do anything to retrieve it! Thus, if you want to know how to play forge of empires, we advise you to read this short beginners’ guide.



1. Manage your playing time effectively

Before you start your first adventure, you must ask yourself an important question - What kind of player are you? Remember that planning development strategy will be radically different depending on your daily playing time and the distribution of that time.

Whether it's resource production, missions or research, each action takes a certain amount of time. It's up to you to decide if you prefer to opt for a short task with few resources or a long task with a huge backup of resources. Whatever type of action you take, its profitability will always depend on its duration. The shorter the task, the more profitable it is. If you plan to play several hours in a row or if you can connect very regularly, then opt for the fastest actions available for you to be able to choose a specific action as soon as possible. If you log in only a few times a day, you should pick up the longer tasks. Estimate as accurately as possible the length of your absence so that when you return to play, your task is just finished with numerous resources.

2. How to manage your resources?

In Forge of Empires as in other city building games, one factor, in particular, will allow you to develop yourself effectively: resources. They are used to build buildings, invent new technologies, recruit soldiers, everything you need to become a conqueror!


A good player can regulate his resources production very accurately. Falling out of materials forces you to wait to harvest again, but on the other hand, having too much is not too profitable. Everything is a question of balance.



Let's take a look at the resources of Forge of Empires


Gold coins


Gold coins can unlock new technologies, build buildings, infiltrate an enemy city or perform certain quests. It's relatively easy to get them: all residential buildings produce gold coins at regular intervals. Some houses produce gold very regularly in small quantities while others produce a lot, but require more patience.


The goods


Goods have a role quite similar to gold coins. They are also used to build buildings, unlock technologies and recruit military forces.


The resources


Resources are rare materials that are obtained via production buildings. There are many different resources available (gold, marble, wine, dye...). They are the main trading currency used between players.



There are buildings called Great Monuments. You can unlock 2 of them during one era, and they are tough to build since they require several different resources. These are unique structures with different architecture, size and effects. They can boost your army or your production, for example.


Some resources are also used for technological improvements, which are the guiding thread of your progression through the ages!





Diamonds are the rarest resources in the game. They are not essential to progress but allow to obtain progress bonuses. It is possible to find a small number of diamonds by completing quests so that you can take advantage of a little bonus from time to time.




We cannot really consider the population as a resource in the same way as gold or goods, but it’s worth mentioning as well. You need enough people to run your economy and your army, but having unoccupied people might be a little pointless.




Satisfaction is also a secondary resource since it does not directly allow you to develop. It affects the production of gold and merchandise.


How to play forge of empires - Space management

Creating a whole bunch of buildings to develop an overpowering city seems to be an easy goal, but you should not be deceived. Your village has a limited size, and each building has a well-defined size. In fact, all buildings except decorations must be connected to a road, so at times, we get a real organizational puzzle.

Optimization of investments is the key element of the game and the best players deliberate on their entire city. They also compare buildings using profitability per occupied space.


The size of the buildings


The more you play, the more developed the game becomes. The buildings do not have the same size as we progress in the eras. During each period of history, you will have to review the internal organization of your city thoroughly. Indeed, the slightest change in the size or shape of a building may change the game entirely. For example, going from a 3 × 3 house to a 3 × 4 house requires moving or even destroying several buildings to integrate them with surroundings and optimize the whole city.



We hope that after reading this short guide, you will know how to play forge of empires and know what to focus on. If you manage to properly supervise the production of each resource, optimize each small piece of your city and organize actions around your time schedule, you will definitely create a well-known civilization! However, remember that you still have to crush your enemies to achieve that goal!


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