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How to play World of Warships

Joining the ranks of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, World of Warships takes to the seas, allowing the players to command their own sea craft. Originally released back in 2017 by the developers Wargaming, you’re able to play as any sea-faring craft that dates from the early 20th century. But when you’re faced with a wide choice of nations (you can choose from the United States Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Imperial German Navy, the Imperial Russian Navy, the Italian Regia Marina, the French Marine Nationale, the Royal Navy and a small clutch of commonwealth and pan-European navies like Sweden), as well as a wide range of types of ship to choose from (Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers and Submarines), it can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry though! Read on to find out how to play World of Warships.



Getting started

So obviously the first thing to do is create a Wargaming account and download World of Warships. You are the ‘fleet commander’ now, and you’ll have all sorts of things at your fingertips. You’ll have your own ‘Port’ that will have your various battleships ready to go – of course once you start, you’ll not have a wide range of ships to choose from!  Once you’ve done this, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of the game.


The warships

Getting to know the different types of battlecraft in World of Warships is really useful, and can really help you work out how to play World of Warships to the level you want. We’ll go through each of the five different types of warship in World of Warships.


  • These are the fastest and most maneuverable of all the ships in World of Warships. They may have light armor, but they make up for that with their considerable firepower. They’re also the trickiest surface craft to spot using radar. In battle, they can use smoke screens, which allows them to cover their attacks or hide their allies.


  • Potentially the most versatile of all the ships in World of Warships. They can come with an array of anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes and even aircraft launchers. They also have a really high rate of fire, which makes them the ideal vessel to put the pressure on enemy forces during a battle. 


  • You don’t want to mess with a battleship in World of Warships! These guys are the real heavyweights in the game, each one armed with huge guns and a whole range of secondary armaments, as well as some considerable armor. A little slower owing to their firepower and armor, they’re still the ships that you might want to run away from!

Aircraft Carriers

  • They may be lightly armed, but that doesn’t mean you should pick a fight. Capable of deploying squadrons of dive bombers, torpedoes and fighter jets, what they lack in their own weaponry they more than make up for with their array of aircraft. 


  • A new addition to the game, but very welcome! The submarines can, of course, go underwater – but this skill has its drawbacks too. Whilst getting hit by a torpedo is the last thing you want to happen, it can actually be quite tricky for submarines to even get to the point of landing a perfect torpedo hit.


World of Warships nations

As we mentioned earlier in the article, there’s a whole range of different nations you can choose from. Each one has different capabilities, and different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing each of these can be a big help in how to play World of Warships, so read on for a brief rundown of some of the nations’ strengths and weaknesses.


The ships from the USA have the highest firing rate, the strongest defensive capabilities and the best smoke screen. Sounds like a pretty good all-rounder, right? The US ships have one of the slowest bullet speeds in the game, meaning it can take a bit of time for bullets to hit the target.


Once the scourge of the ocean, and known across the world for their prowess, the Imperial Japanese Navy are unfortunately quite weak defensively. They more than make up for this with powerful torpedoes and the best camouflage in the game though.


The ships from the USSR (or Imperial Russian Navy, depending on which time period you choose) have phenomenal fire power and the highest bullet speed in the game, but are really let down by their camouflage and torpedo power.


German ships are pretty good all-rounders in World of Warships. Their ships have excellent firing power on the whole, but compared to the other nations, their armor is much weaker.


How to play World of Warships

With the information in this article, you will be able to work out how to play World of Warships and get exactly what you want out of the game. Everyone has their own style of gameplay – with this information, you’ll know how to play World of Warships in no time!



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