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Ideas for CS:GO training routines

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is, without a doubt, one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games out there at the moment. Since being released back in 2012, millions of players have logged on to fight and complete missions, and basically explore the amazing world that Valve has created, and continues to create. It’s gotten to the point where it is so popular, there are even professional competitions, and some of these contests have had prize money at $1,000,000. Pretty amazing, right?! But how do you get to this level of professionalism? Many of the pros will keep to a strict CS:GO training routine, which will keep their eye in the game and help them to victory. 



While you may not have the time to carry out these professional routines (some of these guys play for 8-10 hours a day, five days a week!), you can still get a great CS:GO training routine together and become victorious in your match. Read on for some ideas for CS:GO training routines.


Aim Training

Aim training is arguably one of the most important things you can do in CS:GO. All the pros will tell you that this is what you should brush up on whenever you aren’t playing against other people. Learning to aim accurately should be number one on your list of priorities – it’s number one here, after all! There’s a really useful Aim Training map on CS:GO under Workshop Maps, which tracks how many targets you’ve hit and missed. You can also spice things up by choosing a different training mode (there’s five to choose from) to make it harder for yourself. Definitely worth trying out all the different weapons!


Crosshair Placement

Closely linked to aim training is your crosshair placement. It’s really important to make sure your sensitivity and crosshair are on point. It can be frustrating to know which to choose, as lower sensitivity makes it much easier to spray and adjust small movements, but higher sensitivity is far better for fast situations. It could be best to start off with low sensitivity to get used to spraying, and then slowly adjust it step by step.


Map Knowledge

Knowing the maps (or not knowing them) can make or break a game. There’s nothing worse than entering a game and being gunned down at the same spot each time as you don’t know the map. A top tip for your CS:GO training routine is to simply enter into the empty maps and just run around. This way, you can get familiar with all the corners, secret spots, and prefires, as well as the sounds that things in the map make. Often, your ears are your best weapon, and knowing the sound of an enemy approaching can be really useful.



With enemies popping out from just about anywhere, having your reflexes on point is absolutely essential in CS:GO. There are a couple of user-generated maps that you can download to help you practice your reflexes. In this map, you basically have a series of bots run towards you, and it’s up to you to take them out. You can control their speed (50%, 100%, or 150%), and you can change how challenging it is too. It’s worth spending a long time on this map, even though it is a bit tedious, as you will quickly sharpen your reflexes and be ready to charge into a competition. 


Learn from the Pros

A lot of these CS:GO training routine ideas are from the pros themselves – so who better to learn from than the pros? It is a really good idea to watch through some of their videos, which can be found really easily online, and steal the best parts of their gameplay. Keep a close eye on how and where they take their positions in different scenarios and try to understand why they do it too. Copying some of their tactics may not lead to $1,000,000, but it could mean you come out of the map victorious!


One step ahead

If you go through all these ideas for CS:GO training routines, you’ll be in a great place to dominate in whichever match you go into. Once you’ve got the maps sussed, and have learned from the masters (by watching through the pro videos), you’ll be able to get into your opponent’s head and be able to predict what he will do and where he will go. If you can read your enemy well enough and stay one step ahead of him, you will be able to come out victorious (and you may also get reported for cheating!)


Final thoughts

So there’s a rundown of ideas for CS:GO training routines. You don’t have to go through all these different CS:GO training routine ideas at all – but you can definitely come out on top if you keep practicing and get used to the various different elements present in the gameplay. Follow these tips, and you could hit the big time!



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