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League of Legends Champion Release Timeline

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game released in 2009. It was inspired by the legendary game Defense of the Ancients and involves players assuming the role of a ‘champion’, each possessing unique abilities that vary with class. It has been really well received by critics and fans, and in 2019 it boasted 8 million users every day. One of the big draws for a lot of players is the release of new champions each year. In the space of just over ten years, 150 new champions have been released. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the League of Legends champion release timeline. From Alistar the Minotaur back in 2009 through to Samira the Desert Rose in 2020, we’re going to go the rough the timeline for the ten most recent champions in League of Legends.



Neeko the Curious Chameleon

Neeko the Curious Chameleon is a League of Legends champion who was released at the end of 2018. Neeko is a Burst Mage, an offensive caster who uses their powerful spells to cripple and burn down their opponents. They struggle quite significantly against beefier adversaries. Neeko is also a Catcher, specializing in locking down opponents. Neeko is the first confirmed homosexual champion too, identifying as lesbian.


Sylvas the Unshackled

This particular League of Legends champion was released early on in 2019 and is a Burst Mage like Neeko. However, Sylvas is also a Skirmisher, an agile and deadly warrior. Despite the fact that they lack a high-end burst damage, Skirmishers are armed with powerful defensive tools to survive whatever might be thrown at them. At the time, Sylvas was named as the most technically challenging character developed yet.


Yuumi the Magical Cat

Yuumi the Magical Cat is an Enchanter, and was released in May 2019. Enchanters are really useful to have in battle as they enhance the skills of their allies, as well as defending them from threats. They are, however, quite fragile and only really come into their own when they are working with a series of allies and other warriors.


Qiyana, Empress of the Elements

A formidable League of Legends champion, Qiyana was released into the League of Legends timeline in June 2019. This particular League of Legends champion is classed as an Assassin, and specializes in infiltrating enemy lines with speed and skill, ready to dispatch whatever foes await them. They often find themselves in risky situations, but luckily they have defensive tricks up their sleeves.


Senna the Redeemer

Senna the Redeemer was released into the League of Legends champion timeline in November 2019, and is classed as a Marksman. Professionals in dealing sustained damage at long range, they are, in fact, very fragile and need significant assistance from Power Items to become true damage threats to their enemies. Senna is also an Enchanter, meaning that allies’ effectiveness is significantly improved.


Aphelios the Weapon of the Faithful

Aphelios the Weapon of the Faithful was the last League of Legends champion to be released into the League of Legends timeline in 2019. Another champion to be classed as a Marksman, Aphelios has incredible ranged attack skills.


Sett the Boss

The first League of Legends champion to be released in 2020, to great aplomb and excitement, Sett the Boss is in the class of Juggernaut. Juggernauts in League of Legends are melee titans, who are capable of decimating their foes, but they also have a tough time of closing in on specific targets due to their low range and very limited mobility.


Lillia the Bashful Bloom

The second League of Legends champion to join the release timeline in 2020, appearing in the game in July, Lilia the Bashful Bloom is a Skirmisher. Skirmishers aim to shred through any enemy who might approach them, despite being quite fragile when faced with powerful adversaries. 


Yone the Unforgotten

Yone the Unforgotten joined the League of Legends champion timeline back in August. Both an Assassin and a Skirmisher, Yone is extremely quick and deft, and incredibly deadly. There are a few defensive issues with Yone the Unforgotten, but you can easily bolster the defensive skills.


Samira the Desert Rose

September’s League of Legends champion offering is Samira the Desert Rose. Samira is another Marksman who joins the champion timeline in League of Legends, excelling at long-range attacks, but suffering when it comes down to defensive skills.


Final Thoughts

So there’s a very basic League of Legends champion release timeline, detailing some of the most recently released champions. The developers of the game take a lot of care into creating and releasing the champions, and even have stopped the release of some of them, as well as reworking and updating other ones. They’ve also reconsidered the role of champions in the



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